✅ Boy trolled by animal activists for catching and killing record breaking shark off Sydney coast


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✍ An eight-year-old boy who reeled in a record-breaking 314kg shark is now being trolled by animal activists.Jayden Millauro was fishing with his dad Jonathan and boat captain Ibby Dardas off the coast of south Sydney last weekend when he reeled in the monster tiger shark. While fishing circles have commended his effort, animal rights activists say the boy should never have killed ‘the beautiful creature’. ‘Another up and coming environmental vandal killing threatened species for a photo opportunity to prove what a man he is,’ one man wrote on a post congratulating Jayden. ‘Pathetic and disgraceful that the fishing fraternity would celebrate the unnecessary slaughter of such a vital animal to the ecosystem… May this haunt you for the rest of your life.’  Others slammed Jayden’s parents for allowing the young boy to kill for sport.’So sad that this gives pleasure. They are magnificent creatures, Jayden should take up scuba diving and observe and respect the creatures of the sea.”Can …
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Date: October 15, 2019

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