✅ How a doctor's wife assembled a huge secret collection of early 20th century clothes


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✍ A doctor’s wife’s fascination with shopping and secret collection of more than 700 dresses from the early 20th century are being shown at a gallery.Emily Tinne’s vast wardrobe was discovered hidden in tea chests and some garments still had their label on, by her family after her death in 1966.And now the beautiful wardrobe is on display at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool and is to be the largest collection of an individual’s clothes ever owned by a museum in the UK.She was born to a Presbyterian missionary father in 1889 in Calcutta before heading to boarding school in England and training to be a teacher. Emily went on to marry a Liverpool GP Dr Philip Frederic Tinne, who inherited £161,830 from his father in 1925 (worth around £9.5million today) which meant she had the means to satisfy shopping urges.   The shopping-lover bought her clothes from luxury boutique stores in Liverpool or had outfits made for her.  Grand-daughter Emily Fabricius, who is one of six grand-children, sa …
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Date: November 26, 2019

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