💌😇💝 A Very Special Message Especially If You Need Uplifting News ❕💋


Hi Everyone,
You can go to the about page & find additional information. Also for those wandering Minds ….. Here’s some insight on my Chart!
Sun In Cancer 9′ 57
Moon In Capicorn 21′ 04
Rising In Scorpio 25′ 3
Venus In Taurus 25′ 3
Mercury In Cancer 12′ 18

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Sending Soooo Much LOVE….Court

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Date: December 7, 2019

26 thoughts on “💌😇💝 A Very Special Message Especially If You Need Uplifting News ❕💋

  1. Thank you for Confirming what my guides told me. This is me. Im an empathic healer. I have been through rape, trauma, and a lot more. My purpose is to teach others what I went through. I let go of that past but i know what you are talking about here.

  2. yes i thank them every day morning and night i kknow they are with me i feel them saved me from death and saved me from possibly causing it deep family issues came out and boy was i on fire still hve a flame trying to let go out but i dont think it ever will i know im going through awaking since heart attack they brought me back to life it was touch and go i have been isolating myself to not go there i really wanted to hurt them so now i no longer speak to any of them i have my kids they only one matter to me i know father is with me spirit he asked for me let go of bad stuff when happens to me i can let go pain is real though

  3. I'm so tired sometimes, it's been so hard, I can literally feel my heart breaking sometimes I'm just praying, and asking for help trying my best to stay strong. Thinking about seeking counseling, I have to do something. I'm definitely surrounded by my heavenly support system right now,💗💗💗💗🤗 thank you for this beautiful reading I needed to hear this

  4. Thanks Court. Always resonate and feel the same. Been such a hard transformation. We should be so proud of being brave enough to do this. You help me every day and honestly don’t think I could have come this far without your guidance and so flipping grateful. Adore and love you. I was blessed this week and can’t wait to donate to you because you sooooo deserve it. Thanks to you I never feel alone. I have experienced the same depression type energy and it was scary. Day to day my friend and soul tribe. If you ever need to talk or need support I am here so don’t ever hesitate to reach out. Xoxo. Kristen

  5. High Priestess – Archangel Haniel (card that came out on High Priestess) is the Angel of Joy. She helps those who are feeling hopeless by bringing them joy to their soul almost instantaneously and directs them to a more fulfilling relationship with God (source of joy). It goes on to say how she helps people discover joy within themselves and encourages those to pursue a particular passion (or gift) or uncovering a hidden talent. The article lso mentions that Haniel helps to clarify feelings–relationship with self, others and / or God. She helps to show us how to love from a "proper" perspective, combining personal love with unconditional love.
    Interestingly enough that's what you were saying and have been saying. How beautiful, for real. Thank you Court💚💕

  6. Hello i just want to really express my deep appreciation and guidance to help me and support my situation you made me see things that i didn't know was happening in my environment and sharing our emotions to deep level I just want to Thank You From the bottom of my heart have a wonderful Holiday

  7. Wow thank you so much 💕 I really appreciate that you talked so much about the difficulties people working with Spirit face in this material world and how hard it is to hear those messages and not see them materialize immediately, and the difficult decision between going back to regular life or staying in this type of work. I'm in that space RIGHT now and I've needed to hear this acknowledgement. Blessings to you and your children 🙏

  8. I know why he had an angel near him. Something very serious will happen and he will need all the help and love we can give him. I have angels around that help me to go ahead, taking decisions needed for having a loving, peaceful and fruitful life. Thank you Court.

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