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00:31 – Here is the first brain teaser to boost your brain! The story began one night. The agency boss called Gerald and Jessica. Boss: “Sorry to wake you…but it couldn’t wait! There’s a crime scene you need to get to!” Gerald: “Alright boss! We’ll drive over, see you in 30 mins!” Boss: “I’m almost outside your house, pack up and come out! You’re riding with me!” Gerald and Jessica got back a few hours later. Still time for a few hours sleep! Jessica: “It snowed so much! Let’s put the car in the garage!” Gerald: “Wait! Stop everything! Something’s not right. Someone broke into our car. They even started it!” How did Gerald know?

02:32 – Another tricky riddle that will blow your mind! Jessica: “I got the footage from our surveillance cameras. And I found the guy that broke into our car! He went to a cafe after that. Maybe he’s still there? The video quality is really bad, you know, because of the snow. I couldn’t see a lot of detail.” Gerald: “Great! Describe him, and we’ll try to spot him in the crowd!” Jessica: “He has an athletic body, long hair and a watch on his wrist. The watch looks like the kind ‘we’ wear!” Gerald: “Who could it be?”

04:26 – This logic riddle will test your intelligence! Jessica met Gerald and they rushed after the criminal. This man was smart. He moved quickly, hiding, blending in the crowd…you know, spy stuff! But the Bond couple were on his tail. He moved through the streets, and was able to lose them…for just long enough! Gerald and Jessica turned the corner. They saw an empty street and three houses. Jessica: “He’s hiding in one of these houses for sure. There was no time to hide anywhere else.” Gerald: “But which house?”

06:14 – This brain game will improve your IQ! Jessica: “I’ll go alone, keep your phone handy! I’ll call you from inside.” Gerald hid near the house. Jessica tiptoed to the door. She had her lock picking set open, but… The door had a code-lock. Jessica: “He must have dropped this piece of paper. The first two digits of the code are already written. 2 and 5. What are the rest of the numbers?”

07:31 – Test your attentiveness with this brain-boosting puzzle! Jessica looked around carefully. She needed a place to hide. Jessica: “Gerald, I think we picked the wrong house! No one’s been in here for a long time!” Gerald: “No, take a closer look!” Jessica: “You’re right!” What gave it away?

08:30 – Try to crack the code before the time is up! Jessica: “Quiet! I think I hear something!” The guy from the cafe came down the stairs. Jessica ran right at him! She tried to grab him, but the guy panicked. He dropped his suitcase on Jessica’s leg and ran. Jessica: “He escaped! And I hurt my leg. It’s up to you!” Gerald: “Don’t worry, I’ll catch him!” Jessica: “Ugh…so much pain! I hope there’s something useful in this suitcase…” Jessica clicked the lock on the suitcase and tried to open it. A small screen lit up: “Enter the password. Self-destruct in 30 seconds.” Jessica: “We’ll never know what’s inside! Come on Jessica, think!” What’s the password?

10:19 – This brain-booster will speed up your brain! Jessica didn’t hesitate. Top-secret documents! Jessica tried to call Gerald. He didn’t answer. Maybe something happened to him! Jessica found Gerald at an abandoned construction site. There was someone else. The guy they’d been chasing. They were right, he was a spy! Spy: “Oh, you brought my documents! My people will be here soon. I’ll give them the documents, and I’ll be a hero! But first I’ve got to get rid of you!” Jessica: “You won’t get away with this!” What’s the fastest way to deal with the criminal?

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Date: June 27, 2020


  1. Idk but the plank he is standing on does not have anything under it
    So even if she jumped on it it would not hurt him so i think it might be the paint coz she might want to get up to release the rope
    So the best option is to kick the box
    So when the paint gets into his eye, he will drop his guitar
    Within this time they can escape


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