10 Biggest Hoarders In The World


From a couple hoarding over 600 cats, to a man who had a rubbish pile bigger than his house! We take a look at 10 of the world’s Biggest Hoarders! Click Here To Subscribe! http://bit.ly/xWackyWednesday



10 – The collyer brothers.
Source – www.nydailynews.com
9 – Alexander kennedy Miller
Source – nwphoto.com
8 – Roger Blew
Source – www.heartlandconnection.com
7 – Bettina Grossman
Source – cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com
6 – Kenneth Epstein
Source – www.dailymail.co.uk
5 – Jesse and Thelma Gaston
Source – www.dispatch.com
4 – Edmund Trebus
Source – www.bbc.co.uk
3 – grey gardens
Source – www.collegefashion.net
2 – Penny and Steve Lefkowitz
Source – www.theweeklyvice.com
1 – Richard Wallace
Source – www.dorkingandleatherheadadvertiser.co.uk


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Date: October 18, 2019

49 thoughts on “10 Biggest Hoarders In The World

  1. Collyers at number 10? They had ONE HUNDRED TONNES more junk than the number one, they filled a 4 storey building with probable more hoard than the rest of the list combined.

  2. My mom is a hoarder. Growing up, my dad kept the house clean but he split when I was 9 and after that, the house went downhill. At one point, we were just throwing all our trash into the kitchen, onto the floor. You couldn't even walk through it. I followed my mom's example and for years I never cleaned. Then I started realizing that my house was embarrassing so I went from messy to clean on and off for a few years. Now my mom is disabled and I'm the sole source of income in the house. Basically, it's my house now. I make her keep her mess confined to her room. I try to keep the place as spotless as possible but it's hard because it's over 150 years old. The walls need new paint and we're down to the original hard wood floors. We have no porch so dirt gets tracked in easily. Other than that, it's good. I'm so glad I changed my ways and live in cleanliness now.

  3. My mom bought lots of things in garage sale because she's so obsessed of buying so many things that me and my family didn't use. Then it lead us to the space where it was crowded, narrow. The reason why my mom keeps doing this is that she is going to set up a garage sale, but never did it. My bedroom is filled with her cloths and garage that is let behind, including her bed is out of her way. She is a complete hoarder, my dad started to donate it until my mom started to get pissed by him, yelling and complaining too much that she threatened us to call a police. When a police came, they said that it was a fire hazard, mom has to handle with it. Unfortunately, she's too lazy to do it, so she leave it that way and assume that it's okay.

  4. I'am a Hoader when I play Skyrim. I don't even use or sell stuff anymore. I just collect them and put them all around the house. Everytime I enter Proudspride Manor I always bump into some item, weapon, book or potions. I also hoard companions and kids. They are all around the house. Also the place is full of enchanted and daedric evil stuff that paranormal events happens all the time (Stuff moves randomly!). I need help.

  5. most of the people that hoard are old. I have the fear that my mom might become a serious hoarder when she gets older. she already has a useless bathroom, and not 1 but many of the same thing (like picnic baskets, wut)

  6. Hey you know that land you bought and the house that you bought on it and the stuff you bought to put in it yea that's illegal now your stuff isn't really yours clean up or get fined. yupp that makes 0 sense

  7. There is a lady in my town her mother is a hoarder, she has 10-12 cats, and the place is so packed that the mother sleeps on a cot in the living room and her daughter in a chair, daughter is an adult but lives with her mom.

  8. Langley, I think was paraplegic and blind so Homer took care of him. Homer got trapped underneath some junk and Langley starved to death because his caregiver died 10 feet away and there was no way that he himself could've moved

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