10 Chinese Food Slang Words That Are Not About Food


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We did a Cantonese and Shanghainese video on slang words, here are 10 Chinese Food Slang Words That Are Not About Food.

1. 摸魚 mō yú catching fish
2. 飯桶 fàn tǒng rice container
3. 炒魷魚 chǎo yóu yú stir fry squid:
4. 種草莓 zhòng cǎo méi plant strawberries
5.吃軟飯 chī ruǎn fàn eat soft rice
6. 老油條 lǎo yóu tiáo old oil dough
7. 吃醋 chī cù eat vinegar
8. 打醬油 dǎ jiàng yóu getting soy sauce
9 請喝茶 qǐng hē chá “to invite to have tea”.
10. 吃豆腐 chī dòu fu eat tofu

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Date: August 7, 2020

28 thoughts on “10 Chinese Food Slang Words That Are Not About Food

  1. Lao you tiao may well be from the story of how you tiao started, fried the 2 traitors, who poison the emporor's mind and cause the death of a hero, nobody dared to say out loud but made the fried dough for all to bite and eat them, not to mention frying them.

  2. …learn this from my friends in Asia, when someone said to you……….you’re a “Banana” when you’re a Chinese person that means you’re yellow outside (your skin are Chinese) but white in the inside means a “white” (westerner) person trap inside a Chinese cover….which means don’t act like a westerner when you’re a Chinese……..but I am white on the outside and yellow inside, what kind of fruit will I be than?………..

  3. the soy sauce isn't used in that way. it's like someone who has certain responsibilities assigned to them, but they fail to do ANYTHING. they are getting soy sauce, or if they say, i am just getting soy sauce, meaning, i did not do ANYTHING

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