10 Crimes That Took an Incredible Amount of Planning


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10. Stealing a Shark from an Aquarium
9. The Multi-national Stolen Shoe Match-Up
8. Stealing Dozens of Paintings While Forging Their Replacements
7. Framing the Victim
6. Creating a Counterfeit Moscow Philharmonic
5. Masks, Research, and Copying a Hollywood Heist Movie
4. Rigging the Lottery
3. “Landscaping” Their Way to $70 Million
2. Choppering in For the Cash
1. Looting the Diamond District

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Date: September 10, 2019

28 thoughts on “10 Crimes That Took an Incredible Amount of Planning

  1. @4:48, who is the guy in the frame? He was referred to as the "Queen's prosecutor" but he is standing in front an American flag, and has an American flag lapel pin. I don't know if this guy is doing anything for the queen! Heck, we fought a war over it! lol.

  2. Regarding #2:
    What is this "cash" you speak of? I have a magical piece of plastic in my wallet, which has been paying for all my needs for several years now.
    Ugh. Weigh down my wallet with pieces of paper, which other people have been handling? How unsanitary!

  3. #5 they were so close but man, showing off like the whole world is as ignorant as you and won’t figure it out is just so upsetting; they were almost out! But then the stupid asses drop a picture and then they went on Instagram and showed off 🤦🏽‍♀️

  4. Let it be know that the San Antonio Aquarium is nothing more than road side attraction. Built in an old car dealership building. They were temporarily closed and treat their animals poorly. That crime actually took very little planning because they are poorly staffed with people who don't care.

  5. Carries 2 lbs of raw diamonds..and claims they are "cheap" industrial diamonds. Unbelievable..this must be one of the best-planned crimes ever. He probably sold them for millions of $$$

  6. well what about František Procházka from Czech Republic who in 2007 stole 540mil CZK that is 21m € today from G4S vault without no one notice until next day and run out of country

  7. Does anyone else find it difficult to follow sometimes because he talks so damn fast and mumbles some words? Other than that the videos are great! Please slow down and speak clearer!

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