10 Strange Stories About Criminal Twins


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10. Jared and Gerald Smith
9. The Whitehead Twins
8. The Fox Twins
7. The Hall Twins
6. The Duval Twins
5. Berndt Brothers
4. The Adiwal Twins
3. The Ali Twins
2. The Tamales
1. The Bondurant Boys

Source/Further reading:

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Date: October 13, 2019

24 thoughts on “10 Strange Stories About Criminal Twins

  1. I cant remember their names but there was a story about twins who when in back of cop car pulled a gun out of his pants and shot both cops dead. 1 was in solitary for a couple of decades while his brother got put in gen pop after being in splitary for 10 or so years. They were handed over 1000 year sentences each

  2. Nice! Twin studies in general are so fascinating to me, but add criminology to the mix and I'm hooked. Only remember hearing about one of these cases. RIP to all the victims through. PS thank you for saying "lit up light the night sky" instead of "lit up like a Christmas Tree" the way EVERY crime show seems to say. 😀

  3. The Whitehead twin's mom's name was Nikki …idk if u knew that or not Simon but, there ya go. And they also got 30 years each in separate prisons for their mothers murder as well.

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