10 Survival Stories That Actually Happened


10 Survival Stories That Actually Happened
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The human body can seem incredibly fragile, but the truth is that paired with our powerful drive to survive and amazing bonds with our loved ones, the human condition isn’t at all powerless. People have found ways to overcome some of the most precarious situations imaginable.

Juliane Koepcke’s Amazonian Stay
Juliane, a young German girl living in Peru with her zoologist parents, was traveling with her mother to see her father in a different part of the country. While in the air, the plane was hit by lightning during a severe thunderstorm. The plane imploded, and Juliane fell from the sky while still strapped into her seat.

A Harrowing WWII Escape
Witold Glinski, a WWII Polish war veteran, along with a handful of other prisoners, escaped from a Russian gulag in February of 1941. The group first had to make it through the frozen landscape of a Siberian winter, then through the heat of the Gobi Desert before ascending the Himalayas.

Andes Plane Crash Survivors
In 1972, a small charter plane carrying a rugby team of 45 players and the team’s staff went down in the Andes mountains while on the way to a match in Chile. It was cold and snowy, which slowed down rescue efforts.

The Sinking of The Jacson-4
Harrison Okene was hired as a chef on the ship Jacson-4 which was a fishing schooner. On one of its regular trips out to sea, the boat was rocked by huge waves, and it capsized and sank, sending some members of the crew into the ocean.


Date: May 6, 2020

33 thoughts on “10 Survival Stories That Actually Happened

  1. So a Whiskey class Soviet submarine has a crew of 14? More like 60 and someone would actually take a pistol and fire rounds inside a submarine? Then they escaped using the empty torpedo tube? What about the escape hatch – located fore and aft of the conning tower? Seriously, is there any sort of fact checking on these sort of BS stories. I stopped watching right after hearing this.

  2. My late grandfather climbed on an expedition with Rob Hall, and was supposed to be on that very climb that killed him. If my grandfather hadn’t fallen down an ice crevasse injuring his arm he would have went on this expedition. Rob Hall saved my grandfather’s life on their climb. My family still has letters from Rob Halls wife.

  3. Some of these are new to me. But you're wrong about the Harrison case. They were all presumed dead and the recovery team was sent to recover bodies for burial and had no idea harrison was alive. Though he knocked the first time rescue came, no one ever heard him and nobody had any idea anyone was alive on that boat until he grabbed the scuba diver in the dark.

  4. The story of Julianne I read as a kid in one of my mothers Readers Digest books, it was a condensed version but seeing this story was great because I always wondered about this story

  5. You forgot to add the story about the British commercial diver Chris Lemons, who survived 30 minutes underwater in the North Sea with no oxygen due to a freak accident. That man not only survived the ordeal but also he regained all his function without suffering any permanent damage.

  6. 6:00 about Beck and the Everest disaster, there are many wrong statements in this video and they got many things wrong, the story is told by the survivors on a channel called “wonder”. I suggest watching that one instead if you’re interested.

    Also, English is not my first language so I’m sorry if there’s any mistakes

  7. I was murdered twice by 10 yrs old.
    Whole family was murdered when I was 7 , i got stabbed 13 times my 3 older sisters ,3Year old brother and parents died,so did i ,I got brought back.
    I was 10 and homeless the second time.
    Died of hypothermia when someone hit me from behind and stole my coat.
    It was – 10.
    They brought me back again. I'm 52 now.

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