10 Unusual Sexy Features Around The World


10 bizarre features / practices considered beautiful / sexy around the world.

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rex/hap/quirky china news – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2429992/Han-Qiaoni-102-woman-bound-feet-toes-broken-just-2.html


Date: September 22, 2019

48 thoughts on “10 Unusual Sexy Features Around The World

  1. what's wrong with 3? just because it doesn't show similarity to European standards it instantly becomes taboo if Europe supports ljbtq rights then whole world should follow it you don't decide what others do Europeans and Americans, please! stop calling other cultures weird please!! We don't even do self harm like leg binding or corsets still our culture is being called out weird lol

  2. Most of us middle easterns (Iranians are not mid easterns but a little close) have deformed noses I'm getting one when I'm 18, not everyone likes plastic surgery but for me I'd also be having my lips done and a lot more shit basically I could turn into one of those plastic surgery addicts, I know I look really good but I really like Barbie

  3. lots of darker people bleach their skins because lots of guys like light skin, like my ex friend said that he only wants to date a British or American girl, not have short hair and no piercing, not to look like a slut and doesn't like to date a black person…. :T

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