16 Inspirational Life Quotes for When Times Are Hard
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  1. Your darkest times are the seasons that will manifest the depth of your greatness
    For, how will you value the light, if you haven't been to the dark. How will you be able to know your strengths, if you haven't combatted your weaknesses. Every dark phase has a lesson hidden, which uncovers itself at the end, and then we feel privileged enough to have experienced this darkness. Also, in your bad times, you get to differentiate amongst good and fake friends! Good one's will stay by your side, no matter how dark it gets! They'll enjoy the storm with you. Whereas, the fake one's will go, find a shelter, and make fun of you. Slowly and gradually, you'll be getting out of your comfort zone, that you were badly accustomed to and that's where lies your first victory! As, you get to know yourself, your passion, your dreams, your purpose, only when you are out of your comfort zone. Day by day, you'll be getting stronger and stronger. For, a calm sea never made a good sailor. So, embrace the darkness as, 'In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present'

  2. It's better have religion than ever nobelongs it can more faith n learned more for my journey in life .Than spend my time that man i'not important. Useless to look upon not iam not omportace with him i'm only hurt. Better gave my attention were i am happy. Enjoy my life until my rest

  3. Thank you
    All quotes are thoughtful and deep
    Its true that you know what really matters in darkest hours.People in prisons realise how important are their friends and family to them,while they have been running after something silly

  4. Always have faith that GOD walk n hold your hands to his grand creation. Never stop standing back after falling. Never stop, walk slowly n survival is the key to the next chance for run. Use it as a rest stop to enjoy the long walk. Good luck n Best Wishes, bcos from whichever side you start you will reach the same top of the mountain with its beautiful journey.. Just enjoy it.


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