1991 Lamborghini Diablo; is the first version the best driving Diablo of all?


Lamborghini launched the Diablo in 1990 and I’ve long thought it’s the best value Diablo of all. With 492bhp from its 5.7litre V12, this is a 202mph analogue Lamborghini supercar that still feels special today. Here’s my take on this classic Lamborghini supercar..
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Date: October 11, 2019

37 thoughts on “1991 Lamborghini Diablo; is the first version the best driving Diablo of all?

  1. Scratch top gear…..

    Harry’s Garage all the way baby!

    Informative, fun, non pretentious, And genuinely interesting…….

    You sir are going to be an internet sensation I hope 🤞🏼

  2. Harry explained Lamborghini like I have tried to explain them,
    but could never explain them !!!
    The only cars you could lose your license in in every gear. The only car that gets a second look weather your 5 or 105 years of age. Well done Harry.

  3. How to watch a Harry's Garage video

    Step 1: Be reminded why these old gems of cars are so good.
    Step 2: Look on autotrader for said car
    Step 3 Scream internally
    Step 4: Repeat.

    I need a better paying job 🙁

  4. The supercar I never bought, even when they were cheap, even though I really liked the looks, because I thought they were unreliable, expensive to run, and not so great to drive… but after watching Harry's review I am reconsidering whether I made a mistake at dismissing this wonderful, mechanical, unfiltered supercar.

  5. Can you imagine if cars like the Lambo were available as a brand new car today and manufacturers could laugh in the face of the EU's regulation laws…how times change…this machine has to be applauded…what a racket and what an engine!! That's one to remember and well done Harry for keeping it alive!! Truly awesome!

  6. @17:26 It doesn't matter how old you are, you absolutely cannot resist it, when you let it off of the chain a bit and press the right pedal down, you WILL SMILE and GIGGLE like a schoolgirl! Even though they may be a bit of a pain in the ass, this makes these beautiful Italian cars worth the effort.

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