2 Girls VS Matcha Boba Tea


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Nohohon Tea Room in St. Marks, NYC

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Date: May 19, 2020

41 thoughts on “2 Girls VS Matcha Boba Tea

  1. OK, I'm SO disappointed in myself. My uncle lives on St. Marks in-between 1st and A … I know EXACTLY where you are … I typically spend every summer out in NYC and NEVER knew about this place! SHAME ON ME!!!!! …. and thanks for sharing. Definitely gunna hit it up this year 😉

  2. Interesting… I am surprised to hear that matcha bubble tea is not a thing in American bubble tea shops. Here in the UK, it is one of the main/most popular items on the menu.

  3. I never knew Nohohon was in New York. We have it here in Toronto. I love going there. Their drinks are always just right. Not too sweet compared to other boba places. The tokyo fog (warm) with red beans is so good in the winter time.

  4. It's funny cause I'm actually friends with the lady who appears in the Tea room since before she opened the place. Never thought they'd make an actual video and post it here.

  5. Could someone please explain to me the red bean appeal? I've never had it, but I'm very curious about the taste because it just seems to be in so many sweet Asian foods, and I just can't imagine beans in a desert context. I'm excited to one day try it of course 🙂

  6. I have to give this video a thumbs up. I though this video was well planned and presented. When it comes to matcha green tea, the spirit of it was well respected. I though Felicia and Mia handled it so well that it didn't look boring and got the best of it about matcha and boba tea. Felicia is a funny girl. hockey stick and yin yen. ha ha ha. Thanks! very beautiful video. I wished I could give more thumbs up.

  7. thanks for the recommendation! we're in the area often so my boyfriend and I stopped in today and got some tea, I told her I saw this video and needed to check it out 🙂 she was so cute and looked super excited when I told her I'd seen this haha

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