2019 NTD Television international Chinese traditional martial arts competition


“Martial virtue (“Wu-De”) is to stop the evil and promote the kind. It is actually to be a good person.” 武德就是止惡揚善,就是要做一個好人 ”

Youfu Li is a jurist for the NTD Television International Chinese Traditional Martial Arts Competition. He said virtue is the origin of different forms of art.

During the improvement of his virtue, martial arts virtue, he was inspired. In fact, we say he got an enlightenment, and then he was able to invent his own form of martial arts. So traditional (martial arts) has its origin and there very profound meanings behind it. Just like traditional Chinese medicine, it is connected with the Heaven, the Earth, and the human body.

The recent European Regional Preliminary was held in Dresden, Germany. A majority of the 50 candidates were Westerners. Many participants there said they improved their mental and even spiritual well-being through Kung Fu.

“It really taught me a lot of patience, and overcome hardness”

鄧子健 from Holland likens Kung Fu practice to Buddhism, in that it helped him find his grounding in life.

“If you got emotion, problems in your daily life. Kung Fu is always like a rock and you can always go back to your Kung Fu.”

The Chinese character for martial arts is “Wu” (武). It is formed by combining the characters for “stop” (止) and “war” (戈). The competition aims to preserve and revive this part of traditional Chinese culture, which has preserved values that appeal not just to the east, but to the world.

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Date: May 17, 2020

2 thoughts on “2019 NTD Television international Chinese traditional martial arts competition

  1. Respect and personal growth have always been a big part of martial arts but it was always about combat too primarily for self defence but offence too, they're just saying what they're saying now because modern mma is proving kung fu to be basically full of shit with even novice mma fighters kicking the shit outta supposed kung fu masters so now theyre changing their tune to try and save face.

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