360° Viking Battle | National Geographic


Charge into the fray of an epic Viking battle with over 600 hardcore reenactors armed with swords and axes. More than a mere blood sport, the climax of the Wolin Viking Festival is a mecca for
“experimental archeology”.
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360 Video produced by Black Dot Films for National Geographic Partners
Thumbnail photograph by David Guttenfelder

360° Viking Battle | National Geographic

National Geographic


Date: August 18, 2019

35 thoughts on “360° Viking Battle | National Geographic

  1. As much as I respect what is sacrificed here and the injuries and perhaps even a death here and there, what you all are doing has one major difference from the Vikings of old; you are not subject to the warfare the Vikings endured and died in. When they exploded onto a civilization in the 8th and 9th and 10th century, they were going for the kill, or be killed. What takes place here is not that specific outcome…

  2. Não haverá nesta história …uma certa contradição?? Viquingue ….escandinavo pirata …um carácter bélicoso ….agressivo, aguerrido e no presente o que podemos constatar é seguir tradições a brincar, paz e sossego…portanto uma certa diferença de tempos idos …voltar às origens mas sem o cunho característico dos normandos…O bélico!?!

  3. As a Viking of Norsk descent, I with Thor and Odin's favor on my Dansk landsmen's voyages!!


    Cattle die
    kinsmen die
    all men are mortal.
    Words of praise
    will never perish
    nor a noble name.

    – The Havamal

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