#4AMIGOS: Sedition, B_risma Zloch Indicted, FBI BC Epstein #PaulPelosi


11/21: Today, we hear F Hill saying the accusations of Ukraine meddling in US elections are “anti-s_mitic” against Soros! Meanwhile, Zlochevsky, the owner of Burisma was indicted on another criminal account in Ukraine and MP’s in Ukraine call for Trump’s help to prosecute money laundering involving BHO connected Templeton Investments…

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VIDEO: Ex-Girlfriend of Nancy Pelosi’s Son Claims He Illegally Uses His Mom’s Office to Enrich Himself

Mission and priorities

Trump Fires Back at Pence’s “Never Trumper” Aid Jennifer Williams





BOMBSHELL: Ukraine Indicts Burisma Owner, Hunter Biden Implicated For Soaking Up $16.5 Million in Illicit Scheme

Fears for Lt. Col. Vindman’s Safety Prompt Possible Army Action in Hyper Partisan America

George Webb on ZLOCH indictment, Ukraine:



JUST IN: DOJ Inspector General Horowitz to Publicly Testify Before Senate Judiciary Committee on December 11 About His Investigation Into FISA Abuses



Jim Himes, the center of USA anti-corruption probe:

Caught On Tape: Fake Lobbyist Shames Congressman

The American Anti-corruption Act:


JUST IN: DOJ Inspector General Horowitz to Publicly Testify Before Senate Judiciary Committee on December 11 About His Investigation Into FISA Abuses


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Date: December 2, 2019

25 thoughts on “#4AMIGOS: Sedition, B_risma Zloch Indicted, FBI BC Epstein #PaulPelosi

  1. The document that she showed on screen is the official "Treaty between Ukraine and the USA signed in 1998 by Clinton and put into effect in 1999" This treaty engaged both leaders to inform each other of any crimes, threats, etc. that would affect the security of either country.

  2. OVERWHELMED BY CONFLICTING & MODIFIED NEWS ? LET’S REMEMBER WHAT IS VITAL & KEEP ON SUPPORTING THIS AMAZING (0 SALARY) PRESIDENT: GOOD FACTS FIRST: HERE'S A PARTIAL LIST OF TRUMP'S ACCOMPLISHMENTS but first, see the video of Jan. 14 by Steve Cioccolanti called: "The Trump Eclipse…etc". Another video lists 205 accomplishments of Donald Trump by the end of 2018: Let's start here: > > Jan. 23/17, started a major secret investigation on the effects of vaccine on Autism and blocked foreign aid for abortion; Feb. 7/17: Reduces the cost of the F35 fighters by 700 millions; -Takes BHO's abusive executive orders then uses them for the protection of the people. -Apr.26, launches the "Victims of Immigrant Crimes Office" to protect/support victims of violent crimes committed by "radical illegal aliens migrants"; -June 26, donated his 2nd quarter salary to the Dept. of Education; -Issues urgent Executive Orders starting with 7000 + indictments against individuals & organizations who committed/commit crimes against humanity through many Foundations and the NWO agenda;-Seizes stolen assets by charging the criminals & calling the Central Banks to order; -Gets the Federal Reserve and the Pentagon audited; -Prepares the US exit from the UN, the EU & the Paris Climate Accord; -Begins the cleaning up of the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the SES & many other 3 digits "establishments"; -Blocks the servers of the FBI, CIA, SES & other agencies who are "mishandling" the government and therefore the people; -MAKES THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA A SOVEREIGN NATION AGAIN; -REMOVES THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA FROM THE GRIPS OF THE UNITED NATIONS (THIS IS HUGE); -Gives needed support to ICE; -Renegotiates NAFTA; -Reduces negative business protocols; -Sept. 5, Revokes Obama's "anchor baby policy" thereby reducing human trafficking & illegal abuse of immigration laws; Oct. 12,FBI recovers victims of human trafficking in operation "Criss/Cross Country"; Oct. 26, Makes RIS accountable for targeting the Conservatives Tea Party group; -Establishes a new order of peace, fair trades & valuable commerce and imposes sanctions if needed; -Secures negotiations with many nations; -Brings back businesses into the USA; Nov. 9, Negotiates 250 million dollar trade deal with China; -Creates tons of jobs by bringing back major companies to America and beginning the repairing of the infrastructure; -Restarts the coal & steel industries; -Gets tons of people off from food stamps; -Stands firm with China & others especially Iran (that clandestinely received 40 billions by BHO to continue their nuclear agenda); -Dec. 3, Withdraws from the UN Global Compact on Migration; – Dec/18, Creates the "Conscience &Religious Freedom Division of the Office for Civil Rights of Christians; -Dec. 19, Signs into law the largest tax cut & biggest tax reform since Reagan; -Begins the building/repairing of the Border Wall to establish & protect the country's borders, lands & people & stopping, reducing the human trafficking occurring at the border (the Dems want NO border to get votes from anyone; anyway, anyhow); Warns, stops the caravans infiltrated with criminals coming from Honduras & Mexico; -Hires the best people to help his/your government clean up the SWAMP; -Defeats plots against the USA, himself and his family; -Begins the finishing off of ISIS; -Investigates the criminal take over of the voting system by enemies of the state inside & outside of the country; -"Debugs" the White House;-Stands firm amid attacks while waiting for his time to strike back against evil; -Works at creating a new form of MSM; -Works at ending the stealing of people's patents (Dealer Tech & others); -Looks into the reduction of the cost of medicinal products and prescriptions; -Visits areas devastated by hurricanes to assist and support the people; -Dec. 25, Brings Christmas back into the White House & welcomes the people (so beautiful !) • HE IS NOT SHY TO PRAY * ONLY TOGETHER SHALL WE OVERCOME * BAD NEWS: Among other nefarious things the Cabal (Deep State) does, here's the worst yet: New York has voted positive to legalizing to the ending pregnancy at the latest stage (just prior to delivery) subject to discussion between the mother and her doctor ! This is the killing (ending the life) of liveable babies whose screams of pain we can't and won't hear as the baby is still inside the PROTECTIVE ENVIRONMENT OF THE WOMB BUT THEY SCREAM WITH PAIN AS THEIR MEMBERS ARE RIPPED FROM THEIR BODIES THEN THEIR HEADS ARE CRUSHED WITH CLAMPS AND DRAGGED OUT OF THE MOTHER'S BODY ! The "products" are then sold: organs, members, eyes, blood for Adrenochrome and so on and so on for ($800. per liter) !!!NOTE: Find out who owns Goat Hill Pizza of San Francisco where they serve "fresh" Adrenochrome among other "goodies" !!! ON THE OTHER HAND: THE INVESTIGATION BY DONALD TRUMP’S TEAM BEGAN THE DAY HE TOOK OFFICE BY THE APPOINTMENT OF A.G. JOHN HUBER WITH 740 INVESTIGATORS. THE MILITARY WITH 3 GENERALS: JAMES MATHIS, A.G. JEFF SESSIONS & GENERAL JOHN KELLY , MILITARY TRIBUNALS SECRET MILITARY BASES, GITMO & FEDERAL COURTS NATIONWIDE (INCLUDING CAMP SEVEN FOR ELITE DETAINEES) TO UNCOVER THE ABUSES OF THE LAW & THE CONSTITUTION, VIOLATION OF THE ESPIONAGE ACT OF 1912, CHAOS LEADING TO 88,350 INDICTMENTS SINCE OCTOBER 17, 2016 THE 400 PAGES MUELLER REPORT (A FAILED INVENTION TO DESTROY DONALD TRUMP). THE FISA REPORT TO BE RELEASED BY A.G. WILLIAM BARR BY MID APRIL:THE REDACTED VERSION OF THE MUELLER REPORT MADE PUBLIC MID APRIL 2019. (THESE LEFTISTS TOOLS WILL PROVE TO BE THE DEMISE OF THOSE WHO BROUGHT THEM ABOUT) ! HIGH TREASON, ELECTION FRAUD, CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING, HOMICIDE, PORNOGRAPHY, PEDOPHILIA, MONEY LAUNDERING, BRIBERY, PERJURY, RUSSIAGATE (COUP TO OVERTURN THE 1016 ELECTION & THE PANAMA PAPERS CONSPIRACY, TREASONOUS ACTS OF FUNDING TERRORISTS, URANIUM ONE (TREASON FOR SELLING USA's URANIUM TO RUSSIA), 9-11 & IT'S COVER-UP, THE FUKUSHIMA NUCLEAR & TSUNAMI MASS MURDERS (March 11/2000), THE BENGHAZI MASSACRE, HIGHJACKING OF MALAYSIA AIR 370, MASS MURDERS IN HAITI & ELSEWHERE, FAST & FURIOUS DRUG & GUN RUNNING, ACCEPTING MILLIONS IN DRUG MONEY FROM CONVICTED MEXICAN DRUG LORD EL CHAPO, HUMAN TRAFFICKING, CHILD EXPLOITATION/KIDNAPPING, HARVESTING VICTIM’S ORGANS FOR MONETARY GAIN, (as Candice said, "there are more abortions of black babies than births and now the mothers-to-be are "offered the choice" to let their newborn live or have "it taken care of"…not being told what really will be done with that brand new totally vulnerable child !!! And it goes on: BLACKMAIL FOR VOTES ON POLITICAL ISSUES THROUGH RECORDING OF SATANIC PEDOPHILIA PARTIES WHERE CHILDREN ARE RAPED, TORTURED & MURDERED, MISAPPROPRIATION & CONFISCATION OF US TAX PAYER’S MONEYS THROUGH THE USE OF ILLEGAL & PRIVATELY OWNED “FEDERAL RESERVE”, THE “IRS US CORPORATION”, CRIMES OF CITY OF LONDON & VATICAN BANKS, NOT IMPLEMENTING THE FREEDOM FROM DEBT “GESARA LAW” (GLOBAL ECONOMIC SECURITY & REFORMATION ACT) WHICH PASSED THE US SUPREME COURT SIGNED AT GUNPOINT OF DELTA FORCES INTO LAW BY pres. BHO . ON OCT.10, 2000. YOU ARE NOW AWARE OF SOME OF THE UNENDING ACTS OF TREASON OF THE LEFT. NOW, THERE IS "blexit dot com" AND "walkawaycampaign dot com. WHERE ANYONE CAN TELL THEIR STORY AND THEIR ENLIGHTENMENT !

  3. The only people trying to get rid the president are the top criminals in the world. That’s all ! Soros on down through networks. Burns me a new ass to know taxpayers are forced to donate to his Organizations utilized to destroy our Constitutional Republic. They make us pay for our own destruction. Theyve already helped themselves to all the money in the world to the tune of American’s great grand children’s debt.

  4. The video you're talking about regarding the Bill Clinton rape, etc., is NOT graphic! Can't even hear the guy talking. You can hear the FBI guy questioning him LOUD and clearly, but, not the guy.
    Maybe the "graphic" part has been scrubbed or something, but I found nothing "graphic" about it.
    Yes, what he reports is sad, disturbing, and terrible (especially his family matters, what a stupid bunch of parents he had) … but, again, it's NOT "graphic!"

  5. Monica Peterson was Arkensided. Monica was investigating The Clinton Foundation Charity Money 💰 whereby all the children 👶 of Haiti 🇭🇹 received was less than 0.3% of 100%. Sarah Latham who works for Megan Markle was also involved. But Monica Peterson was Particularly investigating Hilary Clinton’s fake Methodist Missionary Laura Silsby. She was well paid for her CST of the children 👶 of Haiti 🇭🇹. But Hilary Clinton managed to Getz Laura Silsby sprung from Prison very early ( akin to how Herr Robert Mueller got Jeffrey Epstein off early with the 2002 – 2006/7 with The Sweet Connection) Hilary got Laura Silsby Married Off so nobody could find her. Vindman is weird believe me. They are getting desperate to murder and Assassinate President Donald Trump. It’s a “Get Trump at any cost” Hilary Clinton’s MO is Arkenside anybody who gets in your way. The Democrats need to be Classified as a Terrorist Organisation.

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