5 People Sent To The HOSPITAL Over League of Legends


I get sick of League of Legends all the time, but some people actually end up in the hospital, over League of Legends.
To be honest, the next time a Yasuo tells me they’ll carry me and ends up 16 deaths deep I might begin my Chemo.
Stay safe bois.

Sources to the topics talked about:

Man paralyzed from playing for 20 hours: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5335353/Gamer-paralysed-waist-20-hour-binge.html

Angry boy gets head stuck in PC monitor: http://www.mandatory.com/culture/1234267-league-legends-player-angrily-headbutts-monitor-gets-head-stuck

Pro player Hai in the hospital: https://youtu.be/-aOubIo8Vuo

AHQ Promise & South Korean gaming addiction: https://youtu.be/of1k5AwiNxI

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Date: February 13, 2020

34 thoughts on “5 People Sent To The HOSPITAL Over League of Legends

  1. Hey lads! Hope you're all doing well, just want to say thank you for always supporting my videos! Believe me it means a lot.
    Also, while researching for this video, some people believed that the monitor incident was fake, I personally believe it looks real. I feel like I should do a myth busters video where I see if I can get my head through that monitor… :ThinkingFace: Maybe one day.

    Next video should be next Wednesday! Maybe Monday if I work faster. But, streaming this Friday and Saturday at 3 PM EST.
    CY@ <3

  2. I mean if you really don't understand how having fun in the "real" world would help someone find other things to do than go back to hanging out in the "virtual" one then I don't know what to tell you. What the fuck else would you try? Either you have something to do IRL or you're just gonna get on the good ol' PC and play the fuck out of it. Pretty sure that's how it goes these days.

  3. another reason why this game was made without a backup or a pause button is that the term for "Parenting" has gotten into a bad rate for healthy reasons and some spoiled ass rich kids who keep on wanting to play are also the reason why childhood is left in a computer. I really hate to say this but this is a good reason for so many people who lived this far to throw it all away to over some game with so much good content and story it's just too addicting to give up, so in other words, the business of total idiocy has once again made a bad product that kills people without a backup and a pause button. I'm a gamer for awesome lore and gain gold to upgrade into the potential my character is meant to be but the real reason why I play league is to see more back story and solve the Rune Terra mystery as the Ionian Rebel with a cause to save the home she loves and her partner in justice to fight along side her.

    it's also a nostalgic reminder to my childhood video game trilogy The Legend Of Spyro, except there were less twitching and better views to spot the enemies that pop out of nowhere especially the scary spiders and golems that can kill you within seconds. but what I hate about the most are the cooldowns to use your abilities that literally messes me up and makes me twitch like in my head I ask "do I run or do I face off and attack at the last second till I spot the opportunity to gain more mana and gold?", and if I may ever need to go somewhere or I want to take a mental break I just really want to have a CLONE or a ROBOT to replace me but not to exceed or do less than what I accomplished in every experience in every challenge I dealt with. And I'm not too greedy for points or rewards if I send a clone to fend off with the team I was matched up with to not get banned or AFKed. that would be nice.

  4. I started playing league in 2013 summer. I was never a gamer, more of a TV binger. Ever since I started League, I dont know what has got into me, I couldn't stop playing the damn game even though I knew I was sucking at the game. I spent so much money on "skins" , multiple Accounts cause I am toxic. I used to skip classes to play the game. one day I lose all day like 13 games in a row, one day I wake up I win games like 11 games in a row. the game is very unpredictable for players who are not too bad or too good. To me, the game was more like gambling, one round I get nice teammates i win, next round I get bad feeders I lose.

    Anyway, I accidentally saw this, I just wanna leave a comment. my league life was 2013-2019. I was never too good to carry the whole team as a solo support , I was never too bad to hold the team back, 6 years, I been iron befoer, silver before, gold in 2018 and 2019, that was all I could do.

    not gonna lie, Sometimes when im bored, I still think about playing league, even though I can not list one single good healthy reason why I play the damn game, and YES I was addicted to the game I had to get out that hole.

    Thanks for the vids, for those who are not very good at this game but very competitive, please play another healthy games. this game sometimes makes me wanna kill people like literally.


  6. Addiction is not just physical, but most importantly a spiritual issue, because it's an enslavement of the heart and our will. If we do not have Jesus and do not surrender to Him, then we will continue to have the addiction. It takes God's grace to be set free. Takes one to know one.

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