5 reallife superheroes caught saving people (awesome animals channel)


This video is about real life superheroes caught on camera saving other people’s lives.
5 amazing and surprising events.

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Date: July 30, 2019

50 thoughts on “5 reallife superheroes caught saving people (awesome animals channel)

  1. One day when I was five years old I had accidenly went into the deep end of a pool. At the time I couldn't swim. I was about to drown but my father realised what was happening. He took off his shirt and leaped in the pool. He brung me to the surface and told me not to worry. I'll keep that moment in my memory till the day I die.

  2. Why do you call them superheros if their just being nice and doing what their trained to do? I know it was nice of them, and they deserve to be praised, but they don't have superpowers, I have been nice and have helped people in big ways my whole life and never have been called a superhero

  3. Earlier today at the mall my mom saw a little boy at the top of one of those escalator things to go down and the one to go Up was broken so my mom carried him down to his family (a young couple who didn't appear to be fluent in English) who where unable to get to him. ^ω^ it was a feel-good moment.

  4. the first one,first the kid would have survived, second the man is stupid because the man grabbed the kid it slowed the kid down and the kid is hurt and if the man didnt grab the kid the kid would have not have a scratch on him

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