5 SEEDS | 50+ Spaghetti SQUASH | How to HARVEST Spaghetti Squash


5 Spaghetti Squash seeds went into the ground. We harvested 54 spaghetti squash and the vines still have about 20 left on them. That is an AWESOME harvest! These are the Small Wonder Spaghetti Squash from Hoss Tools.
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Date: July 1, 2020

41 thoughts on “5 SEEDS | 50+ Spaghetti SQUASH | How to HARVEST Spaghetti Squash

  1. Perfect day, harvesting spaghetti squash with your love ❤️ Great haul!!
    Family would do better just spending time together enjoying the simple things in life.

  2. Greetings from zone 10b. Awesome harvest! You are lucky I lost all my spaghetti squash… got eaten up by cut worms but my Hoss tools Butternut/Seminole pumpkin cross is doing great. Whats the name of that music track I heard? Nice touch.

  3. I am fighting the white dust and lost 3 cucumber plants. I put in some more 8 plants next to the chicken yard. I did not know there was a problem and had planted 5 more further down from the first 3 plants. Now I am spraying with an organic dish soap twice a day. White tiny flys are eating my curly leaf kale so The 3 plants left get sprayed also.

  4. Danny I agree with you about Hoss seeds and I AM from northern Indiana. I compared their seeds for the beans I like to grow with 3 other company's and Hoss seeds just look healthier from the start. Those guys are doing it right. Just got my seeds in the mail today for the fall harvest. 3rd mailing this year.

  5. Awesome harvest. I am anxiously waiting to see what you all think about the taste of them. I have only ever eatin the long Spaghetti Squash. God Bless You Both.

  6. Little tip- cut it in half across the middle – not lengthwise. You’ll get longer strands of squash that way. It’s so good with Alfredo sauce! We love spaghetti squash and hope you do as well!

  7. That is so cool. I've been having problems trying to get the Cherokee Tan pumpkins to sprout. Finally, after 25 seeds I have 1 sprouting. I would love to be able to get at least 1 pumpkin let alone 50 squash. I do have several crookneck squash coming along but haven't tried the spaghetti squash. I may wait until next year for that. But love the looks of those squash Danny. I'm looking forward to the taste testing. Vicky.

  8. Dam son Looky there. Those are making me hungry just seeing all that laying there. I been watchin Hoss for a bit now do like their stuff and things…Y'sll are killin it Keep up the great work Much Love My Brethren! Many Fish One Love! @'Ur6

  9. I am planning my winter garden and greenhouse. Never had a greenhouse do you have any tips for growing tomatoes inside? What about pollination and what type of tomato plant should I get. Who do you get your seeds from. I am zone 7 Alabama.

  10. I have to stop and talk when I hear something I have to comment on because I will forget it by the end and you said two things now I have to remember what they are when was I love hearing the Blue Jays that go by singing I hear them in the background and it Thrills me one of my favorite Birds I know there I mean bird but blue jay and the Cardinal have always been my favorite Birds everyday verbs and I don't see them or hear them anymore because I live in Mexico and I really enjoyed that and the other thing was I've never tried spaghetti squash because I went to buy when Monday at the grocery store and I said no way am I paying that much for squash and so I never have tried one so I'm happy that you had such a great crop I've only heard good things about spaghetti squash so congratulations

  11. Hoss was out of seeds so I tried another brand. Out of a dozen seeds a got one to sprout. That one started to grow and then just died. All my other squash has produced like crazy. Will have to order from Hoss earlier next time. I eat spaghetti squash a lot to help with my blood sugar levels. A little butter, salt, black pepper and some parmigiana cheese sprinkled on top a you have yourself a meal.

  12. I agree with your sentiment on the Hoss Seeds! I sourced seeds from various companies this year and the plants from the Hoss Seeds are far healthier and stronger than the other squash seeds I planted.

  13. I love your channel and I love it even more because you look like a pastor friend that we have in Mexico he’s a real super nice man like you my question is my potato plants on the bottom of the plant have regular leaves but now they’re getting taller they’re about 16 inches tall and their leaves have curled why I know this is not about your spaghetti squash I’m sorry about that but I do love spaghetti squash two years ago I planted spaghetti squash the big ones and I had about 30 my whole front yard was full of spaghetti squash small yard anyways God bless you be safe and have a good day

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