£650million cruise liner crashes into a wall as it docks at Palermo


One of the world’s biggest cruise liners crashed into a wall as it docked in Sicily today, just a month into its maiden voyage.The MSC Grandiosa pranged against the wall as it arrived in Palmero this morning.The accident left the bow of the £650million vessel damaged and a chunk was also taken out of the wall.It is understood the crash happened during high winds as it began trying to dock.  A video of the incident showed the moment the ship struck the low wall and knocked the corner off into the water.MSC Grandiosa weighs around 181,541 tonnes and is about 1,086ft long (331 metres). Passenger Sonny Cop was on board the ship when it smashed into the wall. Share this article Share 97 shares She said: ‘I knew that something had happened, but didn’t think it was this.’Another passenger, Scott Barrish, added: ‘Well that new car smell and paint job didn’t last long.’ Ian Lewis joked on social media that a ‘bit of T-cut on there will look good as new’. The MSC Grandiosa is the second largest cruise ship in terms of capacity in the world and is the seventh biggest in overall size.It has enough room for 6,761 passengers offers £1,099, 11-day cruises around the Mediterranean, also taking in Lisbon, Barcelona, Marseille.The boat boasts cabins with their own hot tubs, there is a spa, boutiques and entertainment includes Cirque de Soleil shows.MSC has been approached for comment. £650million cruise liner crashes into a wall as it docks at Palermo


Date: February 23, 2020

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