7 Officials Who Admitted Aliens Exist


A few government officials have actually already admitted that aliens not only exist, but are among us… This video is a collaboration with my friends from AllTime Conspiracies. Check out their new video “Is Area 51 Hiding Alien Remains?” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z__oFSyQpHc

From the 1950s to very recently, only a handful of politicians, high-ranking officers, NASA astronauts and other government officials have come forward to state directly or indirectly that aliens are real, that they know about Earth and humans, and sometimes even to make shocking revelations about contacts with aliens, top secret government organizations, or extraterrestrial species said to live among us… The truth is out there!

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Date: September 16, 2019

49 thoughts on “7 Officials Who Admitted Aliens Exist

  1. Well Aliens do Exist
    But Their appearance is not a literal Weird looking Mankind

    Aliens means a People Who is New to a Place

    Ever wonder If there's no coincidence in it?

    Ever wonder If they're many life exist in the Millions of Galaxies?

    Ever Wonder If we are Just one of them ?

    Well I think about it Everyday
    If Some planet's are The same Wouldn't That means there's a Planet with Life Like ours?

    Like if u think You Relate To my Thinkings

  2. Goldenstate all aliens! Curry an AI huminoid ..No humans can make that many 3's. Now they have five All-Stars? Clearly Intergalactic tampering no front office is that smart wake up people! If you study the Under Armour symbol on Steph Curry shoe turn it counterclockwise 33 degrees ° and you'll see the truth hiden in plane sight. If you believe in anything bigger then yourself join hands with your family and pray that Kawhi Leonard and Anthony Davis somehow make it to Los Angeles that is the only chance humanity has. The military and the US government was previously working on cloning Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson and bird but when Trump took office he stopped the program and decided to bring back Hugh Hefner Rodney Dangerfield an inexplicably Andrew Dice Clay after being informed Andrew Dice Clay is available for service currently Trump said I don't give a fuk I want two dice Clay's no other leader has two dice Clay's and that's where we're at people

  3. You'd better hope the ones who do come are friendly, because there is absolutely no way to be prepared or fight aliens with technology thousands of years more advanced than ours. If they want this planet, we'd all instantly be dead as soon as they arrive. There would be no battles like you see in human-made movies.

  4. they are not aliens. they are demons. pray and open your eyes . if you think they are alien and they bring a lie telling us that their is no god and they seeded life here and you believe it than they have full control over the masses and anyone that believes in Jesus Christ will have the head chopped off. we are living in revolutions pray and turn you life over to Jesus.

  5. The alien subject can also be a "thing to believe on" like religion that has the same equivalent secrets and mysteries . How come that we have mass media that rules over the world by experts and amateurs and none ever talks about "aliens" on the Radio , Television is strange to me . Why thousand years ago Aliens helped the humans ( Egypt Pyramids, Many mysterious buildings build without todays technology, etc…) ? nowadays they don't seem to help us anymore since we the humans has evolved in a bad way ? possible or ….? Why are Ufo's or Aliens hidding from us humans seems no logic to me since they're much more advanced than us is also puzzling . How come that the Aliens and Ufo sightings has become more "official" since the end of WWII ? were there no aliens or ufo's between 1900-1935? With our todays technology computers and programms as YouTube as smartphones whatsoever alot are faking us , still blurring images or videos ? why can't we have a clear image or video from an Ufo sighting or Alien ? So i'm skeptic about the subject . I believe we're not the only species around the whole cosmos but that Alien story having big eyes, grey skin, big brain,…is more like a fairy tale than something serious imo . That it falls to be a – man made story – more than something realistic .

  6. The really interesting one is the Robert Salas one. It's the only case on the list that tells about something that the UFO actually did, rather than reported a sighting/existence. Now, why would that thing disarm nuclear weapons? Preventing disaster? Are aliens watching over us and don't want us to kill each other in a nuclear war?

  7. Funny how all of those are from USA and Russia. Our most beloved citizens on earth…
    Either all/most of them are lying (you know, like most american thinking they're the best in the world and tell a nice story for getting famous with it or something) or the aliens who actually visited/contacted are pretty fucked up too.

  8. 7. Some nutcase with no real credentials emailing John Podesta. Not sure how this constitutes evidence.
    6. There are other possible explanations. One of the photographers admitted to faking an image. As for the jets: "The pilots also got intermittent contact with objects, but they appeared and disappeared and moved up and down too fast, including going underground. The pilots never saw anything at all. SOBEPS reported that they obtained radar lock on targets nine times; but the Belgian military only reported three such locks, and upon analyzing the data, all three radar locks were on each other. The other contacts were all found to be the result of a well-known atmospheric interference called Bragg scattering." The fact that a government official buys into stuff like this doesn't mean anything either.
    5. Interesting that he failed to mention aliens earlier. Are there any old reports of what he saw? Could just be an old man going senile.
    4. Probably just a joke.
    3. "when an attempt to confirm the claims of the alleged witnesses was undertaken all the witnesses Salas et al. had named insisted that the testimonies they were reported as giving were fabricated, that no UFOs were sighted, reported, or investigated, and that the actual cause of the missile failures was well established to be an electrical malfunction by those charged to investigate the incident". Hoax.
    2. He actually just seems crazy.
    1. So a panel was created to explain UFO sightings. So?

    The things implied in this video are rather one sided. I would appreciate a more honest look at things.

  9. Personally, I wouldn't believe John Podesta if he told me I was on fire and I could see the flames and smell the smoke.

    If he's indicative of the "government officials" you're touting, might want to bear in mind that he was COS to the only president ever to be impeached for lying about getting a BJ in the White House.

    thumbs down.

  10. As you are just now beginning to see, Podesta was a disinformation specialist, as were Hillary, Barrack, GWB, Bill Clinton, THEY ARE THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT. The truth is now coming out & you, among so many others had it all wrong!!!!

  11. fuk dis bruh why tf the govt got us focusing on aliens and and all dese animals runnin out here free asf…look like a bihh using God name science and all dis shit to have power over us….hell naw

  12. You know those people that are so stoutly against the idea that aliens exist. Well screw those guys because aliens DO exist. Even if they arent here on earth, it is physicaly impossible that some other intelligent species has evolved on some other planet in this immense universe. No I am not just some conspiracy theorist guy, I am a person who believes in science, and using science i am 1000000% sure that we are not alone in the universe, and possibly even in our solar system…

  13. Hey Hybrid. Thanks for tackling the elephant in the room. I know without a doubt that our Brothers and Sisters from the stars are among us. We are blessed that they are, that we HU- man ( God – man ) is protected by our galactic kin. Praise God Almighty the One and the Only, Creator of all, to have blessed us, insignificant little us, with this awesome protection. Yet we try to deny. Look around you, at the vastness that surrounds us, yet we chose to be the ultimate expression of GOD, REALLY………………………..AWAKEN children of the EARTH…………………….. for that is what we are, our Brothers and Sisters are here to assist us in Ascension, embrace with due discernment the LIGHT of the ALMIGHTY

  14. For nearly 40 years I've driven home from work in Exeter, NH into the MA boarder on route 108, 150 S. through Kensington, NH and 107 Seabrook to I95 south once a week. The return is always near the midnight hour on Thursday nights. I keep one eye on the road and one eye in the fields and sky and the third eye (which most folks don't see,) I keep on the country music stations. I'll report back if/when any suspicious incidents pop up. I'm looking forward.

  15. I find it funny how no one can ever catch aliens on video where it is indisputable that there are indeed aliens. We always have to rely on hearsay and videos with a blurry image. After all of the decades of Alien and UFO conspiracies, we still have yet to get any indisputable evidence. And there's over 200 governments in the world, over 190 in the UN. How in the hell are they doing such a good job at keeping this all a secret? That makes no sense at all. Plus, where do these Aliens come from? With our current technology, it'll take around 40,000 years for us to travel to the closest star to our sun.

    We can assume that Aliens would somehow (I doubt it) have better technology. Okay. The fastest thing in the Universe, light, takes a little over 4 years to go from our Sun, to the closest star to our Sun. That's just one star. And our CLOSEST star. Distances in space are far too large for any species to travel and survive. The only way is a wormhole. But that's speculation. We do not know if a wormhole in spacetime is even possible. At this point, it's science fiction.

    Some people say they never traveled; they're already here. Okay. So where are they? How are they so effective at hiding themselves? And why in the hell would they even bother hiding? That makes no sense.

    Throughout earth's history and the history of Evolution, no species has evolved with a strong desire to hide its own existence. Because natural selection wouldn't lead to something like that. Living things need to eat, sleep, and reproduce. It's hard to do that when you have to spend your life hiding from a species as sophisticated as humanity and it's technology.

    I don't know if there is life on other planets. There probably is. But there definitely isn't any life more complex than ours or else we would know about it by now (unless complex life is somehow in the unobservable universe). The universe is still young (only in its second era out of five), it is not unreasonable to suggest that we might be the first species, ever, to reach this level of complexity and intelligence.

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