8 Remakes You Didn't Know Were Based on Asian Movies


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Take a look at some popular films that you probably did not know were based on Asian movies.

Popular movies like the lake house, and shall we dance were popular in south korea before they were remade in the US.

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Date: September 28, 2019

48 thoughts on “8 Remakes You Didn't Know Were Based on Asian Movies

  1. I'd love to see the series The King's Woman made in English for American audiences BUT, they simply must use Dilraba Dilmurat & Zhang Bin Bin in the lead roles because NO ONE caan play those parts as well and as powerfully as they did.
    I feel the same way about Autumn Concerto with Vaness Wu. Also it should be a movie, the series had a lot of useless scenes that could be tossed. Still, I liked it overall.

  2. Other great films that were remade are: 7 Samurai's (Japan) = The Manificient 7. Anartica (Japan) = Eight Below. Addicted (Korean) = Possesion. The Hidden Fortress (Japan) = Star Wars. Yogen (Japan) = Premonition. Game of Death (Thai) = 13 sins. Hachiko Monogatari (Japan) = Hachi: A Dog's Tale. Battle Royale (Japan) = Hunger Games. Shutter (Thai) = Shutter.

  3. "ALways by your side Hachiko: a dog story" is just an American version of the Japanese film "Hachiko monogatari" (Hachiko's tale), based on the true story of a loyal dog who would wait for his master at the train station every single day despite de master's death. Hachi even has a statue on that train station in real life.

  4. i feel you man! I can never watch the grudge or the ring…its just so scary!!!! i watched as far as the second scene and I was out screaming and kicking never to watch it again. now I'm 21 years old still too scared to watch it. don't judge me!

  5. Not sure if this is important to you guys but the actual Korean title of Il Mare translates to "In October". A lot of the English titles of Korean movies are not direct translations. Also they made an American remake of the Korean movie "My Sassy Girl"

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