8 Ways Your Childhood Affects Your Lifestyle


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Do you ever wonder about how you turned out the way you are, or why some adults are more uptight than others, while others are fun and delightful? As cliche as it sounds, it all comes back to your childhood. Depending on the households we grew up in, some of us may cringe at the thought while others may look starry-eyed as they grow nostalgic. Before we begin with this video, we want you to remember that it’s never too late to change your future, even if certain past events put you in a stronger likelihood of outcomes. Here are 8 ways your childhood affects your lifestyle.

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Date: October 1, 2019

33 thoughts on “8 Ways Your Childhood Affects Your Lifestyle

  1. I'm not saying my parents are toxic, but they definitely used to. They always put me at a much higher standard than my siblings. Me:B's, steady job, in sports, musical, talent shows.
    Parents:mad because my grades are B's
    Sister:D's no sports no nothing

  2. I get that reading to toddlers is important, but also, watching a lot of TV as a toddler might not be all that harmful. Yes I understant that they can get addicted to it or something but when I was a toddler I wanted to watch The Simpsons whenever they were on and i learned a bit of English from it (my first language is Finnish) and I grew to like the English language (wanting to learn English and the way it sounded stuff like that) so I get that reading is also important but watching TV for me at least was really helpful, since I started watching the Simpsons when I was about 4 I think (mostly i just liked it because it was a funny cartoon) and now I'm 13 and can fluently speak English

  3. My parents don't have a broken marriage (They never got married) when I was young they broke up and got back together it went on for quiet a while…I would hear my mom crying and my dad yelling. It broke my heart ,and it made me feel bad for my mom. It made me want to cry 'cause I couldn't take it! I couldn't understand why they had to fight I thought that they were perfect for each other. I couldn't understand what it was like to find someone that you love and then break up with them. I thought that once you found someone they were 'THE ONE' y'know? Now I know why! They just weren't meant to be. That's the sad truth….some people just aren't meant to stay together!

    ( I forgot to put something) I get really mad when my friends (I'm not of age to have a actual lover) don't live up to what they say they're gonna do. So I go off on them, yelling and pushing them away! Or just when they do stuff that agitates me in general! I wanna be able to KNOW that they're gonna live up to what they say! So I relate to No. 2!

  4. My father was a weekend drunk and a sexual exabitionist. My mother stayed with him until I was 17. I hated both, still do and I’m 70. I still have nightmares of him. Some people should NOT be parents. Therapy didn’t help.

  5. I feel like I never had a childhood. There was never in my early years where I could just be a child becaus for one, my mum worked overseas and left me when I was two and during those years I moved around from aunties to uncles every two years. Secondly, I was raped. I never attached myself to people and just depend on myself a lot. I think I grew up mentally too soon

  6. this made me cry,idk why i never was close to my parents because i do everything on om own,my dad is alcoholic thtas why my mom divorced him (also because he abused her as well as me) i fell in depression because of my first break up,i dont have friends irl, i never liked romantic stuff and thats all i dont know why youre reading this comment k bye

  7. I was spanked, my parents divorced when I was 7, I saw my father around couple times in month, and my mother pushed me to study, so I when I got B or more accurate 4 ( out of 5 as this is grade system in Russia). Now I hate myself as hell because I know that I became an awful person.
    But for some reason I think it was my fault. This is so pitiful of me. Btw sorry for my broken English

  8. I only grew up with my dad even though my parents were divorced it had been like that since I was born so it always had seemed normal to me I just thought all kids just lived with only their dads when I was little lol

  9. My mom tried comparing me to my sister once: "why can't you be more like her?" (Focusing on her good parts; my parents have always had en elder child bias for responsibilities, but it wasn't too bad)
    Me: So you want me to start throwing tantroms every once in a long while and getting butthurt over something not necessarily worth it? I get good grades and didn't really go through phases growing up, be glad I mainly just get stubborn about household chores and am selectively social. Lol. That ended the comparing quickkkk. My mom has also been accepting that my sister and I aren't religious necessarily (go to church for family events mostly) 😌. I know I got lucky to have more understanding parents (though they still don't get my struggle with chores and other things, but those are just things I need to improve on getting used to).

  10. alcoholic father. emotionally absent mother. left me trying to please everyone, having an obsession with becoming successful, and either lacking or suffering from emotional stability. small things such as feeling uncomfortable when my friends’ parents cook or buy food for me makes me realize how quickly i had to grow up when i was little because i started to fend for myself at a very young age. jeez…. i need to get back into therapy.

  11. Dislike just because you put the ad in the beginning of the video where everyone turns on their attention, just to pay attention to an useless ad, what a shame.

  12. Ok, do I am very close with my mom, dad is ok. I am not abused and have a very supportive family. But it makes me sad because my dad barely spends any time with us and is at work till like
    5 30-6 and I only see him by going downstairs to go to the bathroom(because my bro is in the upstairs one) or him passing by. I wish he would spend more time with us.


    Anyway, I got spanked when I was little. I think my dad spanked me harder, I never remember my mom spanking me.
    It should be illegal everywhere because when my dad said he would spank me I would freak-the-f*ck-out.
    Like one time he said it when I was like 10 or younger? And they had stopped years prior, but I freaked out started screaming, crying, hyper ventilating , and yelling gibberish, so full on crazy @ss panic attack. I then ran into my parents room and closed the door and went under the blankets and rapped them around me right still having a freak @ss panic attack… so my mom yelled at him… they never threatened me that way again.
    I don’t think they see how that effects us, it literally freaks me out thinking and writing about it and and is freaking me out and making me cry because it freaked me out so bad!! Like, don’t f*cking spank your kids or hurt them, because it f*cks them up like hell!! If you do stop!! Use words or time out or something not whacking their butt!! It still freaks me out like years after they haven’t done it,I think they may have stopped between 6-7, don’t know. But it is just as bad as abuse, so don’t do it.


    Sorry it was so long but I think it needed to be.

  13. My parents were authoritarians/dictators and they helped me in all possible ways to take wrong decisions all the time so much so that not taking a decision seems to make more sense now. May they RIP. Suckers.

  14. Parental behaviour demonstrated in this video might account for some of the reasons you feel like damaged goods. However, I think it's really important to remember that your parents also had parents who might've carried out the same damaging treatment to them. Everyone is a product of their environment, it's easy to point the finger one generation up, but if you're allowed to blame them, then they're allowed to blame the external factors that made them treat you that way. With that considered, it's quite liberating to forgive your parents for their weaknesses in raising you or abandoning you by recognising that they are just the same as us, just older. Once you find your feet in the world and are self supported, maybe consider reforging a healthier relationship with your parents which should be much easier to do having forgave them and no longer requiring their support. In a lot of these cases, some parents do mean well but don't have the strength to be an ideal parent, due to external pressure and stress. Some of them might be self-aware of the shitty job they did and I think it would mean the world for their children to forgive them 🙂

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