9 Mystery Survival Riddles!


Test your survival skills with these 9 Mystery Survival Riddles! These funny riddles and riddles on escape will help you improve your survival skills and brain reaction time. if you can easily crack at least 6 of these cool riddles then you have almost perfect survival skills and are well prepared for any situations in this life! Good for you!

So let’s test your survival skills right now:

00:14 – Which elevator is safe? A logic riddle to test your IQ and critical thinking!
01:32 – Why did Ben take the school bag off? A tricky brain teaser to test your logical thinking!
02:46 – Warm up your brain and boost your thinking with this logic riddle! How should they stand?
03:53 – A mystery riddle on escape that will require all your brain power on! Only a genius and a great survivor will be able to focus their mind and quickly come up with the solution. Think carefully and remember everything you know about monsters; this may help you survive today!
05:22 – Which path should they choose? This logic brain teaser will make you think hard! Try to solve it before the time is up 😉
06:54 – The zombie apocalypse started when you were home alone! What would you do to survive? Test your logic and increase your critical thinking with this puzzle!
08:37 – A short puzzle to boost your thinking! What would you do?
09:23 – What should you do to survive? This logic riddle will increase your survival skills and general knowledge!
10:53 – What should he do? This mind-blowing mystery riddle will rack your brain and test your logical thinking!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS where you know how to survive a vampire attack or not, just share your knowledge and ideas 😉

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Date: June 13, 2020

48 thoughts on “9 Mystery Survival Riddles!

  1. To the thumbnail photo riddle, the answer is to tell them to drop the act because vampires burn in the sun unless they are hit teen vampires, but all vampires don't have shadows

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