A Brief History of Yellowstone National Park | National Geographic


Yellowstone National Park is epic, beautiful, and iconic. Find out how it became America’s first national park.
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About Yellowstone Live:
Witness Yellowstone like you’ve never experienced it before. Four nights of #YellowstoneLive, starting June 23 at 10pm ET/7pm PT on @NatGeoChannel.

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National Geographic is heading back to Yellowstone… Live! In an epic, four-night event, experience another adventure through Yellowstone National Park as it comes alive after a long, brutal winter. Flowers are blooming, rivers are flowing, babies are abundant and, therefore, predators are lurking.

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A Brief History of Yellowstone National Park | National Geographic

National Geographic


Date: August 6, 2019

36 thoughts on “A Brief History of Yellowstone National Park | National Geographic

  1. Just found the live broadcast of Yellowstone and I have to say it is massively breathtaking an impressive. It's such an interesting watch to see animals living in their natural habitat without any real editing. You've captured lots of amazing moments. All of this is going on whilst we live in our "advanced humane society."

  2. I live in Wyoming, only about 2 hours away from Yellowstone so I knew most of this info already, it's weird seeing something so normal in my life on YouTube, it's kinda cool the Ulysses Grant made Yellowstone the first national park, especially on the day he did, March 1st, as that is also my birthday

  3. I gave Yellowstone a bad review on Google Maps because the roads are in a sad state of repair, and the shoulders are full of trees and other debris. I grew up there. I'm allowed to be cynical. lol. I've wished every day for the last 5 years I could get my career to take me back.

  4. The Yellow Stone is truely Epic but the Yellow West is even more Epic and who could guess that it would erupt Before the Yellow Stone would erupt.The Ashes have spread through out the europé and the Lava have taken over the cities and Towns in paris.This is a natural process called evolution and Revolution which no one can prevent or supress.

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