A Day Off in Vegas


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Date: October 14, 2020

23 thoughts on “A Day Off in Vegas

  1. Hi Trooper, I wondering why you don't go to Teriyaki Madness anymore? For a minute there I thought that's where you were going.

  2. Trooper, OMC's Poker Vlog is a really detailed and Graphic vlog of Trooper Thurs. Your Vlog would be much better if you would use his format to explain your play !

  3. I didn't know your apartment was at Lowes?? I LOVE folding towels y clothes. I know its weird. You should try out Blondies in the Miracle Miles shows at PH duh (you knew that) and gets some fries and hot wings (bone in). They are to die for. We had Blondies like 5 or 6 times once. We go there all the time. Highly Recommended. See ya next time!!

  4. Whether or not you think a bad streak will negatively affect your decision-making, it will. A day off can do wonders.

  5. An argument can be made that you are a losing player, the more hours you put in the more you lose. It's time to do some reflection. Poker in Vegas has evolved the last 10 years but you have not.

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