A Heart Touching Story That Will Change The Way You Look at Life


Most Inspirational Story Ever!


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Khalid Latif



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Date: May 6, 2020

24 thoughts on “A Heart Touching Story That Will Change The Way You Look at Life

  1. If you decide your going to help someone out that's homeless or not but surving on the street . My opinion is don't give with conditions attached that's not charity. You don't know their situation. Give in the spirit of the reciving. 🎅 .. 🙏🇨🇮

  2. Doesn't quite fit the vibe but one day i was walking to the tobacco store to buy myself something and on the way there i saw a woman who claimed to be homeless. So i felt bad and gave her two bucks and said that that's all i have on me to spare. While i was browsing the store for their options i saw that same lady walk in and buy cigarettes and while she was buying them a security officer came in and said not to allow her to buy them she's banned from the property.

  3. This video challenges the societal strongholds we've allowed to be built up in our own minds. Encouraging, inspirational, motivational, educational, informative, ETC. Job well done.
    Josiah Hall

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