A Journey Through Hell | I Shouldn't Be Alive | Wonder


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When one man falls from the top of a cliff edge he’s forced to crawl his broken body through the wilderness in order to survive. With just his dog for company, this is a tale of survival against all odds and a true testament to the phrase ‘mans best friend’.

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Date: May 30, 2020

18 thoughts on “A Journey Through Hell | I Shouldn't Be Alive | Wonder

  1. This is nothing. One time I accidentally got charged $80.00 for gas. My car can only hold $50.00 worth of gas. I only noticed the overcharge the next day. Took me two weeks to get my money back. It was like pulling teeth. Ludicrous.

  2. Wait a minute….. did this not happen in real life?. what do you mean tune in next week for the conclusion…..

    WOW, i thought we were supposed to learn by example now that's monopolized too!!. If this happens to one of us we won't know what to do, but personally i'd tell my dog to go get help.

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