A real bum plays CHANGE: A Homeless Survival Experience


Ever wonder what it’s like to live a life on the streets? Well wonder no more! Just watch this gameplay footage of “CHANGE: A Homeless Survival Experience” and hear my expert opinion on things.

About the game:
title: CHANGE: A Homeless Survival Experience
store link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/926140/CHANGE_A_Homeless_Survival_Experience/
About this game: “If you became homeless… what would you do?

CHANGE is an emotional homeless survival experience set in a randomly generated city with rogue-like elements. Explore, survive, earn perks, find items and more to develop your character and escape to a new life.” – steam store page


Date: June 16, 2020

3 thoughts on “A real bum plays CHANGE: A Homeless Survival Experience

  1. Watching you play this made me want to play this, so I got the game. It took me several tries, but I finally did a successful run through where the guy gets to go on to a better life!!! 😀

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