Aamir Khan Meets Hollywood Star Arnold Schwarzenegger In Delhi | Bollywood News


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Date: May 14, 2020

24 thoughts on “Aamir Khan Meets Hollywood Star Arnold Schwarzenegger In Delhi | Bollywood News

  1. विदेशी कलाकार के हाथ मे सिगार है और आमिर के कँधे पर हाथ रखा है,कोई भारतीय कलाकार हाथ मे सिगरेट रखं आमिर के कँधे पर हाथ रखं सकता था क्या चाटुकार कलाकार

  2. Ye Aamir khan itna free hoke India me ghum rha h yahi kaam krk full paisa kma rha h fir v is sale ko yaha aa sahishnuta fill krta h ise to aise me India chor Dena chahiye ise agr yaha ye safe mahsus n krta h to

  3. Two actors come from world apart. So comparison is not worthwhile. Only one thing can be said: Amir is no breakaway actor to stretch the edges of acting ,whereas Arnold always try to go over the top of a bodybuilding hero. See his Junior,Last Action Hero , Escape Plan,Jingle All The Way to name a few.

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