Aaron Ramsey is loving Italian life at Juventus | Football Focus


Aaron Ramsey tells Football Focus about his emotional exit from Arsenal and how he is loving his new adventure in Italy with Juventus.


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Aaron Ramsey is loving Italian life at Juventus | Football Focus


Date: October 16, 2020

30 thoughts on “Aaron Ramsey is loving Italian life at Juventus | Football Focus

  1. Legend. Miss you Rambo. Miss you mad. Arsenal is not the same without you. You saved Emery's job 1st year. Come home man.

  2. He seems to have gained weight since I last saw him in Arsenal shirt. Hope he is not getting workout tips from Higuain

  3. He's quite camp looking. Just from his mannerisms & the way that he moves & talks. I think he might be gay. I bet he's going to be the first gay footballer to come out of the closet.

  4. I'm Welsh and without him is really rough he has to travel from Italy to Wales for the international break and he can never play for us because he can never make it and he's always un fit

  5. If he didnt get injured we would have made the champions league, he would have won us at least one of those games to make top 4 or helped us beat Chelsea in the europa league final

  6. I was sceptical at first… but I like how hardworking he is! I enjoy his personality and want to be successful at juventus! Hopefully another great Welshman to don the black and white!

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