AC Milan | Can leaving San Siro save Serie A giants? | BBC Sport


BBC Sport visits Milan’s iconic San Siro stadium to find out if a move to brand new ground could be the catalyst needed to revive the fortunes of European giants AC Milan.


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AC Milan | Can leaving San Siro save Serie A giants? | BBC Sport


Date: May 9, 2020

38 thoughts on “AC Milan | Can leaving San Siro save Serie A giants? | BBC Sport

  1. I personally cannot wait til the sky sports bubble well n truly burts so that tin pot diddy teams like Spurs Leicester and the vast majority of epl teams cant be spendin 30 plus million on bang average players..epl is a giant fraud against the game.disgusting set up with amount euro places etc

  2. Yes san siro is old, they can make a new stadium but keep some design of the old one. BTW Stadiums won't save Milan they need ambition to win the league again which I hope they do in the future

  3. Maldini, Baresi, Costacurta, Tassotti, Rijkaard, Gullit, Van Basten, etc. ain't walking through the door anytime soon….what a embarrassment the AC Milan teams have become the last decade. I remember those Wednesday's at 11:45am(California time) when Champions league games with Milan came on tv…. gone forever it seems now.

  4. The translation at 3:04 is wrong! It deosn't say "it has a large capacity but poor visibility for fans"… Instead it's "the stadium is costly (for maintenance) and it doesn't bring incomes"
    Who's the incompetent that wrote the captions?

  5. Shame when grounds are lost to development, mostly regenerated moved out of towns and cities.
    Nobody wants a disaster, if you can feel the stadium moving, that fills me with dread!! Hope they get back to better times.

  6. U can't sell the San siro and this ain't a good reason for the best of the club. Look at inter Milan who have found themselves back on track in the Serie A if inter can then AC can to they don't want to have the same fate as arsenal or west ham

  7. Look at my beloved Hungary, we have built all the stadiums in the world in the last 10 years and two of our teams reached the Europa group stage. If we build another 45 stadiums, we might get to the UCL final qualifying round by 2055. So strengthen that old place wherever it needs strengthening and build a new team. Investors and new stadiums won't even create chances, not to mention score.

  8. Looking at Wembley and Tottenham as good examples? Ask any England fan, Wembley still impressive but the soul not there anymore. Tottenham done a much better job with that large stand, but too early to say its a success. And why is this purely about AC with little mention of Inter? Inter are doing well, its clearly an AC management problem.

  9. Club are owned by greedy confidence tricksters. San Siro is one of the biggest and best stadia in the World.
    To demolish this cathedral and move to a little tiddler stadium shows their owners are pure confidence tricksters.
    Even the finance industry calls them VULTURE CAPITALISTS.
    Milan fans are idiots if they support a destruction of their magnificent stadium.

  10. Ridiculous to think leaving San Siro will improve Milans performance – Inter are having their best season for a long time – why isn't being there affecting them?

  11. Very sad. Serie A has become a one horse race. The stadia are largely publicly owned and the clubs are not in the same financial league as England, Germany, Spain and nowadays, France, and Russia.

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