Afghan people welcome end to war but fear for the future


As the Taliban consolidate their control of Afghanistan after the withdrawal of foreign forces, many Afghans are fearful of what the future holds under the new regime.

However people are also greatly relieved that a 20-year war that cost many civilian lives may finally be over. That’s particularly true in rural areas which saw much of the fighting.

Jane Hill presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Secunder Kermani and cameraman Malik Mudassir, who travelled to Afghanistan’s eastern province of Logar.

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Date: September 11, 2021

22 thoughts on “Afghan people welcome end to war but fear for the future

  1. The poor Afghan people live in a miserable corner of the world. After 20 years of aggressive war and destruction, the participating countries must be responsible and compensate the Afghan people with trillions of dollars.

  2. This BBC news is on record that real Afghans are happy and in peace now . But some outsiders and agents are trying hard to start a civil war again in Afghanistan.

  3. And the West and US is just watching Talibans taking over and keep killing people when they funded Pakistan to create the terrorist group.

  4. Talibans are not Muslims nor humans they are wild animals who work for Pakistan. Pakistan wants to use talibans to invade or make the kashmir as the Pakistan 5th province

  5. Population of Pakistan has been dramatically increasing from 33 million in 1951 to 225 million which means it will not care about a million casualty a year fighting the West and in the region to conquer more territory and spread extremism. If it reduce its population back to 20-30 million, it will become sustainable against. It has to be countered and reversed in order to save themselves, the planet and everybody.

  6. When BBC reporter talk with Panjshir Spoke Person , bbc cut the satellite phone, & then now pakistani fighter plan intercepted them & kill Panjshir Spoke Person, UK, America & pakistan support Taliban…

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