Afghanistan on the brink of Taliban takeover – BBC News


The Taliban have moved closer to retaking full control of Afghanistan, with the capital Kabul now the only major city left in government hands.

On Sunday the militants took control of Jalalabad, a key eastern city, without a fight.

It means they now control all roads to neighbouring Pakistan.

Correspondents in the capital say there are queues at the airport with people trying to flee, and some shops and government offices have been evacuated.

The Taliban has ordered their fighters to stay at entry points to the capital, urging people to stay in the country.

Talks with senior officials in President Ashraf Ghani’s government on a peaceful transfer of power continued, its statement said.

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Date: October 2, 2021

23 thoughts on “Afghanistan on the brink of Taliban takeover – BBC News

  1. How many times are we really going to let our government make the world a worse place. The British government is a joke. The world is laughing at us. They've screwed up covid, they've now screwed up Afghanistan. They have wasted our money over and over and now they have wasted the lives of our brave military personal.

    I want them out, we don't need to be dragged down, by a blithering idiot and his merry band of tools.

    They'll talk there way out of it because that is what politicians do, if we let them.

  2. Taliban did not come to power by fraud in EVM. We must take lesson from Taliban they gave their blood, lives and wealth last from 20 years to free their homeland Afghanistan. Therefore Talibans needs to be Congratulated.

  3. Mr president of usa afghanistsn people are not idiot like u and you mission is unsuccesful lol they dont fight to each other all afghan want peace

  4. Mr president of usa afghanistsn people are not idiot like u and you mission is unsuccesful they dont fight to each other all afghan want peace

  5. and how they all laughed and celebrated when Biden stole the election. Now we have incompetency in person running the so-called free world. Mainstream including CNN and BBC are partially responsible for this sh*t, and they probably won't stop until western civilisation has been completely destroyed.

  6. Today, how west is using women empowerment to sell their objective entirely weakens its essence. An approach that misses the point of equality all together. Simply a branding exercise for putting a liberal face on what is a fundamentally oppressive system of mechanized violence. Colonization of territories in Africa and Asia were justified by the idea of civilized mission that the British were more superior to other parts of the world which then narrowed down to the position of women here.

    Similar to how brands like Pepsi used movements such as ‘Black lives matter’ to sell you their product, west is now using the idea of ‘feminism’. One has to understand both don’t really care for the purpose, they just want to sell their product. Be it a drink or a disingenuous shortcut to provide moral justification for taking innocent lives.

    Including more women just in your top political hierarchy and agencies does not change the reality that these institutions produce insecurity for millions of people. This is a stated commitment to the feminist ideas.

    In this context, everything is not black white gray but 10 shades of each.


  8. Its a peaceful transition to Islam.
    Don't be resist.
    Why is Buckingham palace empty?
    Is there no one to LIVE there?

  9. Everyone fedup with the covid story ….let's switch story's for a bit then change back to covid in a few weeks ….🤔

  10. Islam 🤷🏽‍♂️

    This is the problem no one is discussing. This is why people were clinging to planes. Subjugation.

  11. It's almost like the Tabliban is a real a Government and the current Afgan Government is a sham. Hmmmmmmmm 🤔

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