Afghanistan: Taliban control all key cities except Kabul @BBC News live 🔴 BBC


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It’s Sunday 15 August 2021. Our top stories this morning 0:00

The Taliban have moved closer to retaking full control of Afghanistan, with the capital Kabul now the only major city left in government hands. Get the full story 👉

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Date: September 11, 2021

46 thoughts on “Afghanistan: Taliban control all key cities except Kabul @BBC News live 🔴 BBC

  1. The poor Afghan people live in a miserable corner of the world. After 20 years of aggressive war and destruction, the participating countries must be responsible and compensate the Afghan people with trillions of dollars.

  2. The blood is on your hands Biden 👿You destroyed South VIetnam and now Afghanistan! It’s Saigon April 1975 all over again. 80 millions idiots that voted for Biden must be really proud of Biden now

  3. The Chinese are getting ready to send in their heavy machinery and engineers soon to start building infrastructure for Afghanistan ! |

  4. My prayers goes to the innocent shias muslims who would be oppressed during the holy month of Muharram as well of other non muslims Afghanis.

  5. I am so sorry from America. We surfs who have no power are ashamed and heart broken. It only takes one voice, at the right pitch, to start an avalanche.

    ~Dianna Hardy

    I howl in sadness of the christian girls and woman who have learned to read and write. while their families talked into fighting by americans so they too can have more freedom and less enslavement. I howl that after they believed americans for 20 years that they are considered of zero human worth. Everyone knows what the talibon do. we told them not to run. to wait. we would get them out at tailaban rejuvinating vaction time . when tailban go back to pakistans at there regular time. we didn't pick them up. told them dont worry. we coming for you. the christians running to the airport at last minute due to we screwed them and waited until last minute. for political gaines. and make up lies that most people believe on why we only picking up americans. and why close countries like india only picking up there people although they could fit 200 ? more if they leave seats and luggage in. they are all gathered in one place now. we left them. they are being caught one by one. all is lost. olympians who raise voice for equal pay. where is your voice for these girls for equal right not to be killed for wanting to read. but that wont benefit you. to all of the black lives matter group. our whole nation stood together and said this is ungodly. its only happened in past cause good scared or didn't stand up. these groups wanting godliness in world. where are you. another group needs the same passion compassion and if you don't act now being good didn't matter. rowandans and those connected whose familys left. stand up scream to the world what that is like. Mung Lao family people tell the world if you just love americans for leaving your familys to die after they used them. I am but one with zero power. I always stand up against the bad at risk to myself, my finance ect… And I do pay a price for it. especially being autistic I can't defend myself as well as some. Please. take a break from food tv comfort and howl with me. all of our nations and groups must howl together and fight for good. anyone of you who has gone through tragedy due to the surrounding people didn't help. Its your fault as well. we must as a nation always stand together for good for all groups humans and animals. if something happens to your loved ones , I ask. did you stand up for all the things? There aren't enough of us who care for others so if anyone that knows God sent us here for a purpose. You gotta howl. In the silence evil smiles , it has won another battle. wait in line. it always keeps coming when no one there to stop. you and yours will be sometime. and no one will be left to stand up for you. read the jewish survivors stories. read all the stories of history. Its widely quoted well known. the world is not a dangerous place because of the evil. its because something has made humans ignore the message from god within them of knowing what is not good, and not right and do nothing. Im so ashamed that all these people being killed and I don't see any posts from people I know here. I am sad cause there is my red flag. there is my answer of will these people stand up for me if I need them. I will howl alone and know. at least I tried. the rest of you. when you choose to help others. you protect your own as well. dont think that the nations you didn't help and watched heinous things occur , will be likely to help you or your kids who may be soldiering in their areas of world. where are the voices of the soldiers who served with these people? Im not seeing any of my former military friends speaking out either. man its a scary world. Like always, I stand alone and howl. and hope others like me hear and encouraged to do the same. May God help the Afgans and may we think of the spider web of interconnection. we all will be hurt by these things but will not know. until too late.

  6. "The Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP) or the Turkistan Islamic Movement (TIM), formerly known as the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) is an Uyghur Islamic extremist organization founded in Western China. The UN Security Council Al-Qaida Sanctions Committee has listed ETIM as a terrorist organization since 2002 though the United States removed it from its list of Terrorist Organizations in 2020. " The above statement is from wiki. The US no longer regards ETIM as a terrorist organization in 2020, do you know why? It is an advanced deployment of US to create unrest in Xinjiang. Like Saddam Hussain, Al-Qaida, Taliban and many others who had all been funded and trained by US before they were attacked by US. US will likely support ETIM through its NGO to encourage the independent movement in Xinjiang. A key breach to China's One Belt One Road project.

  7. What happens in Afghanistan today will happen in Turkey tomorrow. Because Erdogan wants sharia (religious laws of islam).

  8. Things that u can't find when needed the most
    1. Nail cutter
    2. Safety pin
    3. Sim ejector pin
    4. United nation

  9. Defeat or victory is the outcome of the interplay of 3 factors; Time, space & relative strength. Shame to American & Afghan forces.

  10. Invade and occupy a country, expect them to fight for democracy, find out they just want you to leave, get butthurt and blame them on your way out. It's the American way.

  11. To the parents of the 20 year war that took your sons or daughters: Next time you want your degenerate kid to earn a decent living, go teach teach to read a book or sweep the floors of McDonald's. Don't send them to go fight for an inside job at my tax payer expense. Pathetic losers. All of the soldiers that died in the American revolution would be appalled this is what has become of the American military.

  12. Why didn't you the BBC hold our leaders who invaded Afghanistan to account 19 years ago. Because you all piss in the same pot. Defund the BBC.

  13. Bush started it. Trump made it worse. Thank you President Biden for getting us out of there. I see a lot of young Afghan men who look like they could carry a weapon in defense against the taliban. Not lifting a finger. WTF? No wonder after 20 years the situation is still the same.

    BTW: Loser trump was trying to make peace with the Taliban. What a clown. Even GOP are trying to hide this fact:….
    The Republican National Committee has removed a page from the 2020 campaign that says "Biden has had a history of pushing for endless wars" while "Trump has continued to take the lead in peace talks as he signed a historic peace agreement with the Taliban in Afghanistan, which would end America's longest war," 's David Weigel noted Sunday.

  14. What a difference in "reporting" cant get more obvious than this bias bs. No expert witnesses, anonymous wistle blowers, call for criminal investigations, impeachment….where are the calls for womens rights, human rights. Media redirects the message away from their favorite politicians. Not about right or left, this is about bias. Right and left are the same 2 headed snake.

  15. Come on people, you burned our flag for 20 years and killed our troops like cowards, and you wanted us out. We left and it's up to you now. Too bad for you, as for us Americans we sing "CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES COME ON". Don't worry we will be back to glass your 3rd world country back into order from a safe distance once you learn your lesson, LMFAO

  16. This sounds a lot like the sinking of the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor and weapons of mass destruction… a reason for America to start a war! The problem with this is they were all lies and preplanned to get Americans to agree to send their children off to die. C

  17. This garbage is designed to drown out the report coming this week from the Maricopa County Audit in Arizona.

    Do not be sidetracked. This crap is happening BECAUSE AN ELECTION WAS STOLEN.

  18. I feel like shooting s happen occasionally and the fact that this is one of the largest recent shootings should be looked at as a good thing because that means it's not happening more often

  19. Wow , what a shit show .. Over $2Trillion ( yes Trillion , what ever that is!!) have been spent and over 250,000 ppl have died or been seriously injured in this so called fight for freedom in the Hollywood movie called 'The Afghan war' .. Plus leaving a bunch of high end weaponary for the Taliban nutters to use at their will against their own people ..
    Well done the U.S and it's allies .. Bravo !!!!!!

  20. 20 years to put in a controlled government under the guise of the TALIBAN Now they have another scapegoat for the TERROR campaigns to be resumed soon..

  21. The USA will burn in a few years. Grandfather, Jew and communist, democrat Bidden Shaking, already took care of it. Do you know how many terrorists are sitting in these Hercules flying to the USA? Who will take responsibility for the next attacks? Party of Democrats? Has any politician since the days of Chałszesku been held responsible ??

  22. April 1975 was Vietnam (SAIGON) August 15th, 2021. The same scene was changed to Afghanistan (KABUL). I sincerely pray for the blessings of heaven and earth to stop such scenes! No matter what country it is, everyone has the right to live happily! It is no longer an offering in war! The war game should stop! ! !

    1975年4月 是越南(SAIGON) 2021年8月15日 一样的场景只是换成是阿富汗(KABUL) 真心祈求天地保佑 不要再出现如此的场面! 不管是什么国度 每个人都有权利活得快乐幸福! 而不再是战争里的供品! 战争游戏应该停止! ! !

    Красавік 1975 г. быў В'етнамам (САЙГОН) 15 жніўня 2021 г. Тая ж сцэна была зменена на Афганістан (КАБУЛ). Я шчыра малюся за дабраславеньне неба і зямлі, каб спыніць такія сцэны! Якая б краіна ні была, кожны мае права жыць шчасліва! Гэта больш не прапанова на вайне! Ваенная гульня павінна спыніцца! ! !

    أبريل 1975 كانت فيتنام (سايغون) في الخامس عشر من أغسطس 2021. تغير المشهد نفسه إلى أفغانستان (كابول) ، وأدعو بإخلاص لبركات السماء والأرض أن توقف مثل هذه المشاهد! بغض النظر عن البلد ، لكل فرد الحق في العيش بسعادة! لم يعد عرضا في الحرب! يجب أن تتوقف اللعبة الحربية! ! !

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