Afghans who worked alongside British spies left in Afghanistan – BBC Newsnight


Newsnight can reveal several Afghans who risked their lives working alongside British intelligence have been left in Afghanistan – some having pleaded months ago for evacuation. Please subscribe HERE

Whilst UK and US forces have managed to evacuate thousands of Afghans since Kabul fell, those still in Afghanistan have been left to the mercy of the Taliban.

Newsnight has learned that many Afghans involved in highly sensitive counter-terrorism operations against the Taliban are in hiding in the country, despite, in some cases, pleading to get out as far back as in May.

When it comes to Afghans who risked their lives working for the British military effort, sometimes in intelligence, is there a moral responsibility to save them?

Newsnight’s Diplomatic Editor Mark Urban reports.

Kirsty Wark is joined by Dan Jarvis, Labour Mayor of South Yorkshire and former army officer who served twice in Afghanistan.

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Date: September 13, 2021

32 thoughts on “Afghans who worked alongside British spies left in Afghanistan – BBC Newsnight

  1. Watching the BBC coverage of the Taliban-led government being installed in Kabul it hit home how removed from reality the BBC is when they reported that the new Taliban-led Government didn't include women or minorities. 🤪 No shit sherlock!

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  3. Fed up of watching bugged and biased news? Go to Wion and see the true colors of Taliban. Western media is forcefully hiding it. Also read BBC's vicious acts against Christina Fair!

  4. If bbc really cares about afghans, why does bbc continues to support pakistan that created and trained Taliban to be who they're now and who they have been since 80s?

  5. The UK/US pretty much assured for the next coming generations, their will be a LONG LINE of foreign fighters, world wide who will want to commit crimes and atrocities with their lives against the US/UK for most of out lives! The US/UK Governments FAILED their own peoples MISSERABLY!!!

  6. Our Governments and our Military ALLOWED this to happen and NOW your telling us what will happen to these Afghans if they are caught by the Taliban? What ARROWGANCE/IGNORANCE you speak from!!! Both our countries (US/UK) had the ability to stop the ability of the Taliban to ever regroup into the size they are currently. But they we're to AFFRAID of what the world would think…well, HERE WE ARE, THIS IS WHAT THE WORLD THINKS…The US and UK FAILED, NOW DEAL WITH IT!!! p.s. I NO longer trust my own Governments. How can any other Counties, EVER TRUST THE US/UK EVER AGAIN?

  7. … 101동.. 붂ㅎ,ㅈㅇ..댕귀ㅂ..받는..댱군님류,모임..

    102동.. 붂ㅎ,ㅈㅇ..댕귀ㅂ..받는..ㅎㅏ굮..중심,장군님류,모임.. 먼거ㄹ.. 사용,한.. 맞긴.한ㄷㅔ.. 상굮,에다..항으..

    으, 표시..냐고.. 뒤..늦ㄱㅔ.. 내한ㅌㅔ..앾류 는,ㅁㅏ저..쳐ㄷㅐ므..에서.. 붂한..출..중심.. 만주,연벤..중심..출..로,또..노나.. 어디든.햅으..해봐야..라는.. 정치권.로,형성..햇음..


    미군부대..에..든.. 호러류..에,햅으든..

  8. My grandfather once told me never stop praying salah and SPECIALLY NEVER fight for fight alongside work with or give comfort to an invading foreigner. True story. If u do u r not my son and your offspring are not worthy of reproduction.

  9. Just ask the former Namibian notorius koevoet members and the others puppets those was used by the South African apartheid regime…during the fighting for the Namibian during the middle of the war in Namibian soil the South African apartheid regime was promised those koevoet members a good life at South Africa when the time of the war finished…and 😂😂 guess what happens after the war end in Namibia …the South African apartheid regime did dumped and left those fighters behind in their own Country Namibia to see how can they survive and to rescued themself

  10. I don't think the Taliban care of Al-Qaeda anymore because they have China, Russia, Pakistan, Qatar, Iran,Turkey and USA on their side

  11. If I were Akmed, abandoned by the British, I would offer the Taliban all the intel and dirt on the British in exchange for my family passage to a third country. This is pretty much the only card Akmed has to protect himself and his family.

  12. Its disgusting what they did by leaving them behind. I wonder if they're being sacrificed for a reason, not obvious right now. Sinister plans.

  13. If you ever feel useless, remember the US spent 2T$, 20 years and thousands of lives to replace Taliban with Ultra Pro Max Taliban.

  14. looking at history of western europe and US , its not a surprise at all they are just doing what they always did after their interests are served

  15. So basically they left behind British intelligence services there, what a blessing, managing to leave a few psychopaths over seas, how will we ever sleep?

  16. Tragic, for sure. He should've received assistance.
    On the other hand, collaborators, spies, always suffer during war. They're especially vulnerable. It was always a risk. It's a dangerous job. I don't think I'd have waited for their help.. no faith in Government officials who are often selfish in general.

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