Age of Wonders PLANETFALL ~ INVASIONS DLC ~ 00 Overview, World Gen and Character Creation


INVASIONS is the latest DLC for Age of Wonders Planetfall and brings a new reptillian faction, a new NPC faction, A new Invasion game mechanic, and a heap of other tweaks and enhancements. The new faction is very difficult to get a start with but comes into its own once you get a few mods on the units. In this series we play and the new faction, the Shakarn.

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Date: June 6, 2020

28 thoughts on “Age of Wonders PLANETFALL ~ INVASIONS DLC ~ 00 Overview, World Gen and Character Creation

  1. Puts on tin foil hat, does best impression of Alex Jones – How are you so blind? They're reptillians, they're taking over! These people are not human! They're lizards. Hillary, Obama, all the Democratics, they're LIZARDS!

  2. Yeah there more based on the Reptilian world leaders infiltrator or the reptilian race from V which is sort of the same thing. Also there is a link to the original Lizard men race of Age of Wonders 1. I see some stylistic keys from that. They where also a semi-aquatic. I used to play a other 4x game with inflating lizard folk with holo projectors as my main race. So it right at home for me. ^_^

  3. its really annoying how every 10 seconds you complain about them being not aquatic…..we get it :-).
    when i first saw the announcement trailer i instantly thought about the joke / conspiracy theory of leaders or people in general being reptilians. they are clearly derived from that perspective.
    also stop thinking about reptilians being physically strong…most really arent and most of them being amphibious, which the new race is and embodies. what you think about are the draconians….which is a derivative from dragons (not directly reptiles) and therefor muscly, firebreathing and fitting your theme.
    but reptilians are NOT dragons, shakram are reptilians, draconians are dragons. i think its more your personal perspective than them having the wrong visuals.

  4. I really appreciate your coverage of the new content! That said, maybe it's just because I haven't played previous games in this series, but I feel like you're kind of weirdly hung up on expecting a really specific archetype just from the fact that they're reptilian humanoids?

  5. first thing i will thank you my friend for saving my lonely dinner. in second place haven't you thought that thy're simply crocodiles or alligators? over there in australia you should be far more familiar with those animals than me in tuscany.

  6. To be honest planetfall was just not as good as aow3, it is so much easier, I always snowball so fast on this title. Making it a auto resolve game basically, hopefully this change will bring alot more tactics and challenge back to the title, for now it is not being played much on my library. Also Das I do notice your percentage of lets plays are much lower with this title than AOW3, lately you really only cover the DLC's, so I do feel its not just me feeling this title needed alot of changes. I think old world or shadow tactics, gives a better strategic gameplay today.

  7. Yeah they were very open saying the inspiration for the shakarn was the Illuminati lizardmen conspiracy. Also I think their lore mentions how the tier one and twos are from the weaker castes of the shakarn, makes sense that they're more gecko than komodo

  8. Shakarm is more slinky lizards than tough crocodiles. So they as aquatic and squishy. More Skinks Less Saurus. There are more to reptiles than tough ones.

  9. 5:00 You got that tollay wrong. It only allows you to retry Automatic Battles in manual mode. Once
    It was long requested. Usually Autobattle is very good, but ocassionally it just fails at trivial challenges and looses you several rare units.
    Wich previously resulted in people to have to play all battles manually. Now you can try out the autobattle – if it works, it works. If not, you can retry manually. But you got to keep the manual result.
    7:50 Actually a 2 in 4 chance. You got 2 NPC factions on the average world.
    11:10 Mostly they are spies, not warriors. Romulans with phase cloaks come to mind.
    However their resilience is not to be underestimated: Their Epimorphic Regeneration, can give them a unique way of "outlasting" the enemy. Splash, Bounce, AoE or generally unfocussed attacks do not perform well against the Shakarn. If you do little enough damage, you might even end up giving them a net-heal.
    13:20 Dragons do have a loud roar. And since it becomes stronger on shorter ranges, it kinda is their "Dragons Breath" as well.
    15:00 Dan Cranney of the GBI. Fox Moulder of the the FBI.
    15:30 -1 Kinetic damage per hex. The Thermal component works perfectly fine on range.
    The gun might seem like a "rush in" kinda approach. But staying in cover on range 5 is not a bad idea.
    The Vanguard does 9 Damage on Range 7, all kinetic. Shakarn still do 1 Kinetic, 6 Thermal on range 5. The regeneration will offset any small HP losses from poor hits.
    It also allows you more mods and somewhat negates resistances to Kineteic or Thermal channels – unless they resist both, some damage will get through.
    40 HP/2 Armor is also actually kinda good for a Ranged unit. Comparing them to teh Kirko T1 Melee is a poor choice. Pure melee needs more HP.
    The Regeneration also works vs Enivornmental effects. You know, like walking through fire.
    The vulnerability to status effects, that is their only big weakness.
    19:50 That one, should compare decently to the Kirko Ravenous:
    -10 HP, -1 Armor, +2 Shields, + All Round Awareness, . But EpiRegen does counter this. More resistant vs ranged even without allies, and as long as it can regen 2 turns, it is ahead in total HP.
    Attack: 16 vs 15, Mixed Channel vs pur Kinetic. Weaker Stagger and no Bleeding, but 3 kinds of mods (including any Kirko Claw mods you steal via Infiltration)
    You need some way to reliably cleanse status effects adn the weakness is mitigated.

  10. so your saying lizard men from age of wonders 1? The lizard men from age of wonders 1were generally weaker but could walk over water so it seems like they went way back into age of wonders lore then.

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