Air Canada anticipates 'significant amount' of worldwide air travel by Christmas


An Air Canada vice-president suggests that by the time winter holidays roll around again, Canadians will be able to board his company’s planes and fly almost anywhere in the world.

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Date: May 6, 2020

47 thoughts on “Air Canada anticipates 'significant amount' of worldwide air travel by Christmas

  1. Obviously the cure for Covid19 is greed.There should be no international travel for at least a year or social distancing will have been useless.We need some kind of treatment for this virus before people start migrating all over the world again.Besides Air Canada will always get bailed out by the Canadian govt,so they don't care about people's safety,just their profit.

  2. When you go to a coutry 14 day quaratine ..when coming back another 14 day quaratine ..who will do that ..no future for airline until pandemic is over or vaccine is there …

  3. The big challenge for Air Canada will be getting customers back after refusing to refund flights that the airline cancelled. I know I will be willing to pay a few extra bucks to travel with another airline and I’m sure there are a few others out there who would as well.

  4. I think they are counting on most governments to eventually give up on trying to prevent spread and focus on keeping levels manageable. Sadly that would probably mean sacrificing a lot of the most vulnerable.

  5. Hey CBC! How is the fear mongering going? Sounds like you are right on track! Keep it up! You must love all that free money from the Government pushing their agenda!

  6. Until Canadian airlines do right by their passengers and give them refunds if requested my days flying with Canadian airlines are over.
    Airlines in the USA and EU and elsewhere were required to offer refunds if requested.

  7. What the pandemic showed some is that the AIRLINES (and luggage) ARE THE BEST WAYS TO SPREAD VIRUSES. THOROUGHLY AROUND THE WORLD.

  8. hard to trust the world health organization of what they had done.
    Of course there are going to be people who don't trust the WHO.
    Is it true they covered up 3 diseases? A lot of people from the USA saying the world health organization mislead the world. Corruption

  9. Of course there will be a Christmas! There will 1000's of passengers flying into China to celebrate the holidays and gathering like sardines packed in a can. Let's not forget about granny's bat soup, bat pie and bat wine and then they will fly 80, 0000 strong back to the countries they escaped to so they won't have to pay tax. Hold on a second…..?

  10. The CPC are prosecuting, disappearing, and "reeducating" Chinese citizens who report censored cv information outside of China. Check the story on WION (youtube channel) today titled "Gravitas: China: 3 activists detained for sharing censored Covid-19 material". Can't post a link… it gets blocked.

  11. What country will have open borders? Are you willing to quarantine 2 weeks after every flight? This is just to boost stocks and you sheep will fall for it.

  12. It don't have to be for Christmas. ..As soon as the ban is lifted they'll start bringing in millions of new immigrants that have been put in hold.

  13. Today here in Quintana Roo, Mexico the news is that air Canada, transat and others will be flying into Cancun and hotels will be ready for them!
    Crazy, just how are they going to keep social distancing at a baggage carousel! On hotel buses. Have people not got it yet, there will be many more waves of this virus. Why would we need an economy if thousands worldwide are dead.

  14. Lucky the WHO explained it to us that the virus can't travel by plane
    And when the first signs of the virus transmitted in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver the bad bad virus jumped into the cargo hold and hid in the luggage storage area and hopped on the luggage and then on the people spreading the virus all over Canada.
    Sneaky bad bad virus.

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