Ajax to FC Barcelona: Who is Frenkie De Jong? | BBC Sport


With comparisons to Johan Cruyff and Luka Modric, is Frenkie De Jong the future superstar of European football?

BBC Sport goes to Amsterdam to talk to Ajax fans and football journalists to find out who is Frenkie De Jong and whether his style of play will fit in at new club Barcelona.

We also go behind the scenes at Barca to ask club president Josep Maria Bartomeu how he thinks Frenkie will develop at the Nou Camp.


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Ajax to FC Barcelona: Who is Frenkie De Jong? | BBC Sport


Date: May 23, 2020

21 thoughts on “Ajax to FC Barcelona: Who is Frenkie De Jong? | BBC Sport

  1. Is he the future of European football? Let us know in the comments below ⏬⏬

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  2. The best thing Ajax can do is sell three of these players maximum, if they want to avoid doing what Monaco did. I would make an agreement to sell one other player who is part of the spine of the team next summer. You can't sell more than one and expect to compete the following season. The Monaco model is wrong.

  3. Frankie De Jong is very versatile. I think is best position would be centre Midfield were he can defend and attack. An incredible Midfield would be:

    De Jong, Kante, De Bruyne.

    Kante: Act as the defensive hoover.
    De Bruyne: As the Attacking playmaker.
    De Jong: Bossing Midfield and dictating play.

    Would be incredible to watch, but sadly probably will never happen.
    Arthur, Busquets, De Jong is still pretty good though.

  4. It is a shame that Dutch football wont allow itself to progress. They just sell all the talent as soon as possible… How awesome would it be if every Ajax player of the current team (17-4-2019) would decline offers from big teams and they would collectively decide to make dutch football great again. THEY COULD BECOME LEGENDS!

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