Alabama teen confesses to killing five family members


Authorities in Alabama say a teenager called 911 about hearing gunshots and then admitted to killing five members of his family.Limestone County Sheriff’s spokesman Stephen Young tells WAFF-TV that deputies responded to the Elkmont scene early Tuesday morning.
He says deputies were called by the 14-year-old, who initially said he was downstairs in the home when he heard gunshots on the home’s upper floor.Deputies found one adult and two minors dead at the scene. Another adult and minor were hospitalized with critical injuries and later died. Sheriff Mike Blakely says that’s when the teen confessed. He says the teen killed his father, stepmother and siblings. It’s unclear if authorities have a motive for the slayings.The incident happened around 10:30 Monday night.

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Date: October 17, 2019

26 thoughts on “Alabama teen confesses to killing five family members

  1. Killing a 6 month year old sibling, mother, and sister. Who raised this MONSTER? This creature from the depth of Hell. Oh well, in America this Sounds about WHITE!!!!!

  2. Ya it's a little unusual…for this county. Little outta the norm for us. But let's get things wrapped up here and have a great day tomorrow. The street fair is tomorrow so let's have some fun y'all

  3. Poor thing. He is only 14 years old. He is not responsible for his actions. His brain is not completely formed.
    He should not be punished. Poor child. I wish I could give him a huge, embrace him, and tell his "everything is going to be alright". Now let me tuck you in, and read you a bed time story. Poor baby.

  4. Many millennials and younger spend
    8 to 10 hours per day in daycare situations where there is almost constant noise, and minimal one on one contact.
    I took a 10,000 decrease in salary and switched to a weekend position … 12 hour shifts so I could be at home with my baby girl.
    Dad took care of her on weekends.
    A peaceful environment, close contact and affection is so important in shaping the mental and emotional health of children
    No wonder many grow up having anger problems and anti social behaviors.

  5. When I grew up in the suburbs no one talked about guns. You could easily think the nation was unarmed. Emotions were held in check. Showing a weapon was really frowned upon. If you had a relative in the countryside who hunted occasionally ,they might keep the gun stored at a hunting lodge but not at home. I think the NRA stoked the gun issue way out of proportion . Reckless. Of the 20% of Americans who might consider a gun for home, business, or self protection 80% could use just a revolver. The other 20% live out in the middle of nowhere and could use a shotgun. You're just buying time for the 🚨 police to show anyway. The prevalence of guns is way off the scale of need.

  6. Clearly every time- every other day now – when someone uses a gun to murder a number of people in a matter of minutes – there’s people who have the nerve to say “this isn’t a gun issue people, RELAX, its a mental health issue” and I guess they’re mad because the response isn’t “ ohhhh, that totally makes sense, because the guns being used to murder people has nothing to do with the murders and or the murderer- it was the murderer’s mental health… duhh…”…🤦🏽‍♂️

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