Alan Jones has found a national audience with Sky News so he 'doesn't need radio'


Broadcaster Steve Price says the reason 2GB wanted to sack radio legend Alan Jones in 2019 was because a “small group of agitators who don’t deserve to be listened to” pushed advertisers to pull money from the station.

Mr Price said everyone in radio makes mistakes, “you say things when you’re on live radio that you regret,” and Mr Jones made comments which when it came “down to the crunch (meant) advertisers walked away”.

The parent company for 2GB – the Nine Network – decided “the figures no longer added up”.

“You couldn’t pay somebody the amount of money they were paying Alan to do the show, versus the money that was coming through the door from advertising”.

“The move against him last year was because the figures just didn’t add up”.

Mr Jones announced on Monday he will be retiring from radio on May 29 after 35 years in the industry citing medical advice as his reason, revealing experts cautioned him about the excessive workload in juggling radio, TV and print media.

Mr Price told Sky News host Andrew Bolt another major factor in Mr Jones’ retirement is that he “wanted a national audience” because he believed his views “needed a national audience and he didn’t have it”.

“He’s now found that with Sky so he doesn’t need the radio now”.


Date: May 27, 2020

37 thoughts on “Alan Jones has found a national audience with Sky News so he 'doesn't need radio'

  1. Alan Jones was Sacked for his Paedophilic Activities at Kings Gramma School in Sydney in 1973. He wrote love letters to his young male students and invited them up to his dorm at night to do what he wanted with them. Then he was caught and charged with conducting sex acts in a public toilet in Soho London in 1988. He despises women but loves men. He's someone who should be investigated for being a Paedophile and no doubt is a Member of a Powerful World Organisation of Paedophiles that have people like George Pell as a member. Alan Jones is a Menace to Society and so are his Sky News Colleagues.

  2. Dont worry Alan's doing a travel show getting around Australia visiting famous public toilets and explaining the history of the use of these public paid facilities that go unrecognized as australian icons

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  6. On 23 September 2012 Sydney University Liberal Club – anecdotal reporting – hosted its annual president's dinner with a keynote address by Sydney radio presenter Alan Jones .

    Who said: Re Recently deceased father John Gillard :

    The old man recently died a few weeks ago of shame.

    To think that he had a daughter who told lies every time she stood for parliament".

    At the same event, the Club was auctioning a jacket made from chaff bags, autographed by Alan Jones

    In reference to is previous comments on radio :

    “ That Julia Gillard should be "put in a chaff bag and thrown into the sea: “

    Following this speech being made public by the media on 29 September 201219) there were calls for 2008 to dismiss Jones whose speech was secretly recorded by a News Limited journalist.

    After the remarks were condemned across social media and the Australian media Jones held a press conference and apologised.

    ones also attempted to contact the Prime Minister to offer a personal apology, but was told she would not be returning his call, One academic linked the public reaction to the "bigger political and media contest",

    citing the Leveson Inquiry in Britain, saying that it shows the dark side of media power,

    including bullying by media owners and powerful media individuals who lobby politicians

    demand favours, use their outlets as a bully pulpit and to seek revenge when they don't get their way 10111213)

  7. 2GB’s death knell has sounded. The new owners think they can hold an audience by denying it a voice. They have already rendered 2UE worthless and someone will buy their network off them for a pittance.

  8. Alan Jones is respected and admired across the planet. Australia is very fortunate we have him in our corner. Thank you Mr Jones. Looking forward to that ongoing commonsense more regularly on SKY after the 29th May.

  9. Mr Jones is a nasty bit of work and should have been sacked years ago after his constant attacks on the Wagner Family. The Court found him Guilty of Defamation and he had to pay $m's in damages….. Good riddance to bad rubbish we all say!!!!!

  10. Censor anyone who disagrees with you , anyone who criticises you , because they fear what you have to say . The truth is so damaging to the lies and evil motives that politicians or fake journalists have , they can't stand it because it hurts them , it actually physically hurts them their and their egos just cannot take it . One of the very worst politicians in the West is Jihadi Justine Trudeau , . He bailed out Canada's failing newspapers and other media with taxpayers money $ 260 odd million to begin with shared out among them but with the proviso , a contract that says you cannot have any money if you criticise Trudeau and his gov. . One paper gets a quarter million every week , this money is paid regularly . Those that refused to sign get no money , hence , Rebel Media , True North and the like who are the only ones that do shine a light in the corrupt places of the Canadian Gov. Not only do they get no money Trudeau sets the police on them and Harasses them and is trying to push them into bankruptcy with bogus accusations which they have to defend . Please try Rebel Media folks , you will learn much about the corrupt Trudeau and his corrupt gov . ( Rebel is run by a practicing Jew and they often accuse him of being a Nazi and other crap like that , typical Left wing Marxist china loving dangerous nonsense .)

  11. It's amazing how much Silicon Valley clearly supports the left-wing narrative. A Google search has only negative things to say high on the list. Hence why I don't use google as my default search engine.

  12. For years and years I've disliked Alan Jones – full stop. Seemed way to abrasive and self opinionated to me. Since coming onto Sky News, I see more perspective and now like him. I think my previous view of him was unfounded and possibly came from my hubris.

  13. Ben Fordham has the bluster and ego, but minus the intellect and substance. I find his whole demeanour and banter juvenile and crass. He is PC, a lightweight and an apologist. Alan is irreplaceable but surely there would have to be better options.

  14. Today is International nurses day the real heroes as are front line workers.They save lives and have saved mine and doctors too .These people are who we should thank and respect. Do you really think media are in the same league? May all those people on the front line know that they are special and loved.

  15. Long past watching Alan Jones. Nothing but a TV Shock jock. Interested in headlines, not factual news. Politicians degrades themselves being interviewed by him.

  16. Alan Jones is a national treasure and a true patriot who speaks the truth and exposes the treachery of the politicians in Canberra. Followed Alan for years love the man.

  17. I didn't even know who Alan Jones was until a few weeks ago. I had not tuned into any TV or internet news for 8 years. I did not really know what was going on. The only interview I ever saw him do was with Clive Palmer on hydroxychloroquine not long ago.
    I shall always remember him for that! Brilliant! Well done Mr Jones and all the best!!

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