Alfie Evans dies after surviving five days without support – Daily Mail


Alfie Evans has died after five days of surviving without life support. The toddler had a degenerative neurological condition and had been in a coma for a year. This ends a controversial legal battle to get him treatment outside the UK.

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Date: July 31, 2019

48 thoughts on “Alfie Evans dies after surviving five days without support – Daily Mail

  1. FUCK NWO , where its the POLITICS ??? WHERE ITS QUEEN?

    They are soaked in soda … and they are scared … if I was 70/80, I could risk my life for this child. FUCK THE POWER OF ENGLAND


  2. Five days of struggling for air; hunger; thirst, these are instinctive things every creature on earth senses. I remember in a class on a test, true that we have no instincts, we sure do, that is a lie. We all struggle to survive, whether our brain is conscious or not. This was fricking cruel.

  3. Maybe Alfie suffered from a vaccine injury; the medical staff was puzzled by his state; since they didn't know what caused his sickness, they could not help him and they would not know if his state was terminal on not. I also heard that a nurse gave this little boy 4(four) unknown shots two hours before he died!!!==> Hidden from the public. Bombshell news on Alfie Evans' death. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hf6Q-jC_cmI ANALYSIS: Alfie Evans was executed by lethal injection; Alder Hey hospital steeped…
    ANALYSIS: Alfie Evans was executed by lethal injection; Alder Hey hospital steeped in horrifying history of organ harvesting from human babies https://www.naturalnews.com/2018-05-01-alfie-evans-executed-by-lethal-injection-organ-harvesting-alder-hey.html
    Alfie Evans's Dad Legal Documents To Remove Alfie From Blood Thirsty Alder Hey Who REFUSE

  4. Seria um comportamento cristão se o juiz deixassem os pais de Alfie Evans o levarem para Roma ou para os EUA, mas não preferiram um comportamento de eugenistas nazistas, e ainda erraram pois no caso dos médicos marcaram até o tempo da morte do bebe, por isso falharam como cristãos. Que JESUS CRISTO console seus país e acolha o BEBE ALFIE EVANS, ele sim é um vencedor.

  5. so this is what the British government has become Murderers I'm catholic and forgive me but May those officials who have allowed this to happen suffocate due to the smoke of the brimstone in hell May they become hells firewood and charcoal May they Received the highest level of pain For murdering the innocent . I pray that Alfie is in heaven with our Lord jesus, the saints, and the blessed mother Mary

  6. Stupid English doctors i cant emagin what the parents are going trough the Little Man was Alive for 5 days and they didnt even give him plane water to drink and now thay cant even take him from hospital to do furenal because the doctors sied that his body is needed for ORGANS. What a hell is going on with you guys this hospital should be closed down and this is no the first Time that this Kind of situation happend in there. Sorry about my spellings im not english. 😉 RIP Little Angel

  7. Cannot believe negative shit in these comments about great hospital from scum who know nothing about it accordingly then seeing as its that bad close it down and save the NHS millions the people of Liverpool instead off backing it seem to back a gang of scum dont deserve such a great hospital 😨😨😨😨

  8. Even if the disease was entirely and incorrigibly virulent, and ultimately terminal, the parents still should have had a say in what path they were to take regarding treatment.

  9. RIP beautiful Alfie it’s so sad it came to this, my heart goes out to his parents I feel so sorry for them they did everything they possibly could to save their baby boy, heartbreaking simply heartbreaking

  10. A day of reckoning will come. Those who are righteous will be blessed and those who do evil will be punished. Soon, the world will see justice, not one will be spared. Stay away from the evil doers let you also be consumed on that day when the flames of justice is served. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life, show no pity. It is written so it shalt be done.

  11. May the wrath of god befall the Satanist monarchy you will get what you deserve you have all been exposed as satanic pedophile monsters I hope your country revolts against you and frees themselves from your evil fashest tearonie .

  12. this does indeed happen more than we are probably aware of. and maybe there are parents out there that have been unaware of any treatment available in other places ? and so it takes a couple of strong parents to see passed the options given and wanted a little bit more time? treatment? diagnosis? and maybe just maybe a cure? whatever the reason I cant stop thinking maybe these parents are being stopped from making the decisions because possibly there is a cure or atleast medical interventions out there that these children will benefit from? and if that happens then this is not going to go down well with all the other parents that were told that letting go as the only option? think of all the devastated parents if one day we find out that there was a diagnosis and there was something that could be done? I'm no doctor I'm no medical professional this is just something I cant seem to stop thinking. my heart is with alfies parents and any parents that have lost a child especially in these circumstances. rip little one xxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Of course it’s sad about Alfie, but people need to stop jumping on the hospital/doctor bashing band wagon. The doctors wanted to cease Alfie’s life support because he was suffering and would be for the rest of his life. this won’t be the first case of this and won’t be the last. These people frustrate the hell out of me and are extremely naive and selfish to want this for Alfie.

  14. daily mail can you do a tribute video with the song that makes people know that alfie was a brave inspiring warrior who will never be forgotten. i tried to come up with a song that suited the description and more but i couldn't think of one. could this be a tribute and a song just for alfie so it's alfie's song.
    i just thought it would be nice for alfie and his family to have a tribute but a song that's alfie song

  15. I feel like I knew this little ray of sunshine. As a father myself it really puts life into perspective. So do upsetting. RIP little man the pain and suffering is over for you now.

  16. Well Britian are you proud of yourself?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    WAKE UP AMERICA THE DEATH SQUAD IS COMING == SOCIALIZED MEDICINE Isn't Britian the best child killer ever????
    If the new little prince had a problem England would of moved heaven and earth to save him == as usual it always depends on WHO YOU ARE — very sad

  17. This is a sad story, it's even sadder watching people trying to politicize it. This boy's brain began degenerating when he's only a few months old. He had no chance of recovery or being healthy person …even before he went into the coma. And listening to people pretend that he could have been saved if not for the evil Healthcare System of England, is utterly disgraceful. Your God doesn't save children, it has no feelings for them. Because it doesn't exist.

  18. It’s actually quite upsetting how many people are blaming the hospital when even Tom himself has defended the doctors and praised the hospital…R.I.P little man.

  19. So they gave up on taking him to Italy and now they don't have to give the money back as according to go fund me rules it's exceeded the time period required so what was it all about why did they give up on Italy tlruth is he was always going to die they have really just committed a fraud and the only losers are the hospital and the other sick and dying children that seem to have been forgotten and yes I had a child die are they going to recompense the hospital with there ill gotten gains or does he think saying now leave the hospital to will suffice they think because they have lost a child no one will challenge them the gards got away with over 3 million I suspect if this keeps happening it will blow wide open

  20. I've noticed in the comments as usual pro-death trolls. Are you from the government or a Philippine's troll farm? Either way the parents should have had the choice to seek alternative treatment. R.I.P Alfie

  21. If you are not outraged by Alfie’s treatment by the UK government, you are the problem. The world was watching and have Alfie’s support. From what I’ve heard, Italy is pressing murder charges against britain

  22. We don't need cry!He is now on better place!I hope those people who made with him this will pay the charge!They slowly kill him and nobody want help him!He want live very strong!But after15 month life support and they keep him on drug after they take everything and this little boy survive more than 5 days.He was really want stay in life.They kill him!Now should the Uk citizens ask from their Queen where she was or the primeminister why she didn't made nothing!Oh, corrupt the all goverment!This little boy had a big chance for life. And they kill him because this was their interest.He was just child he never hurt nobody!He was victim of this corrupt goverment what make business from human life!Alfie not just the one just his parents fought how many child dead like that?Disgusting!Now need fight and show they can not make this with human !This little boy pay with his life just we can see finally what happening in the UK!Congratulation UK. RIP little Alfie!

  23. All ways in my heart i would risk my life for him even though i Dont know him at just a young age how could this happen rest in peace alfie Evans you will de safe up there i promise good bye 😢😢😢😢😢😢

  24. Here we go again, the ill informed jumping on the bandwagon bashing the NHS.

    Firstly my sympathy for his parents.

    1. The government have had no say in this, it is nothing NOTHING to do with them. Yes they fund the NHS from our tax but they make no clinical decisions, I doubt this has even been talked about at the top of the government.

    2. It's nothing at all to do with money, in all the posts about this sad case the only time money is mentioned is by a non Brit, the cost is just not something we think or even know about.

    3. There was never a treatment or cure offered by the Italian hospital just palliative care the Italian Drs have said as much.

    4. There was no neglect at Alderhey if there had been a desperate set of parents would have used it in one of the many court cases heard during his life.

    5. The hospital and Drs aren't murderers and it's shameful that people are calling them such, end of life treatment like this is used daily in hospitals around the world, the UK isn't bucking a trend in this.

    6. Courts in the UK are entirely separate from government, they are independent.

    Read the judgment from the courts it's all down in black and white.

  25. Chav parents who will now cream all the money they can get to buy trainers and a Big TV etc .Maybe even some proper clothes ? They should be banned from every hospital in the UK and as for the cunts that demonstrated outside the hospital. I hop they are on a list and any hospital they ever visit "treats" them in a manner befitting 🙂

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