Ali Imran Shehbaz Sharif David Rose Daily Mail Case News Details By Irfan Hashmi


32 thoughts on “Ali Imran Shehbaz Sharif David Rose Daily Mail Case News Details By Irfan Hashmi

  1. If the lawyer is basing his case based on a company being a separate legal entity, then he should also consider that in some cases corporate veil can be lifted.

  2. Nawaz Shareef is corrupt, Shehbaz Shareef is corrupt, projects they are involved in along with Ali Imran have traces of corruption, but Ali is innocent…. hilarious…!
    Wakeel sahab kese kerlete hain….?

  3. Irfan these situations wud never have risen if international court was approached to stop uk from harbouring crimminals.the only reason all want to go to uk coz they r under umbrella
    of uk.pathetic.shameless people claiming innocence.initially when imran became pm all he had to do was change currency.simple sho cud have given us the guilty.

  4. ہاشمی صاحب۔ اسلام و علیکم۔ جناب میں مخدوم عادل کراچی سی ایک معیاری ہفت روزہ نیوز میگزین " جیت " کا ایڈیٹر ہوں۔ کے ایلکٹرک پر آپ کی رپورٹس دیکھتا ہوں۔ اگع آپ اپنے پروگرامز کی اردو ان پیج فائل مجھے واٹس ایپ کر دیا کریں تو ہم شکریہ کے ساتھ اپنے میگزین میں شائع جریں گے۔ آپ ہمارا میگزین فیس بک پر بھی دیکھ سکتے ہیں
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  5. وکلا ٕ سے تو قاتل کو بھی بری کروایا جاسکتا ھے

  6. علی عمران بے گناہ ھیں تو پاکستان کیوں نہیں أتا

  7. Paisay kay kuttay ka koi nazria nahin hota wo Nawaz Sharif ho shahbaz sharif ho ho Zardari ho ya Mian Waheed

  8. If Ali Imran is innocent why he ran away then? His lawyer is absolutely doing his professional tactics, he is getting attraction of his HUGE fee.

  9. If Ali Imran has such documents which proves his innocence then why he ran away from Pakistan. His properties are being frozen by courts. Why he doesn’t come back and clear himself in the courts.

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