Amanza Smith Gives New Details on Her "Missing" Ex-Husband | E! News


The “Selling Sunset” star reveals it’s been exactly one year since her ex, former NFL player Ralph Brown, dropped their kids off at school and she hasn’t heard from him since.

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Amanza Smith Gives New Details on Her “Missing” Ex-Husband | E! News


Date: October 16, 2020

21 thoughts on “Amanza Smith Gives New Details on Her "Missing" Ex-Husband | E! News

  1. He was my defensive coordinator last season for high school football, even my teammates and I were shocked when coach just stopped showing up one day :/

  2. I feel bad for her & her kids!! Like at least explain you can’t just drop of the face of the earth you got responsibilities!!

  3. A lot of football players suffer from brain injuries, depression or CTE after their careers are over. Maybe he has mental health issues.. I can’t imagine how hard that must be for her babies! Praying he is okay or receiving help if he needs it. So very sad!!

  4. She is absolutely one of the most beautiful people I have ever laid eyes on… Body, mind, and spirit. 💕 May the Lord continue to guide her through this time in her life.

  5. I think he is alive and the family knows where he is. It's odd they are not telling her anything sounds like he does not want to be involved and neither does his family. Sad story, strong women.

  6. I do not understand. So is she communicating with him thru email or not? Missing is different than abandoning your wife and kids.

  7. His family obviously knows something since they didn't report him missing & they all just quit talking to the kids. They could have given those kids some kind of explanation before cutting them out of their lives!

  8. How can his family turn there back on the kids they have nothing to do with the problem his family should comfort the kids

  9. Very strange story.
    In the show selling sunset……. She also says that his friends, parents, everyone close to him won't speak bout his whereabouts no one will tell her anything. And everytime she's tried to reach out to them they would block her.
    Feel bad for the kids. They are sooo beautiful 😭😭

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