Americans Abroad Rush To Get Home Ahead Of Coronavirus Travel Ban | TODAY


With new restrictions on travel from Europe set to take effect within hours, Americans are scrambling to get home before the midnight deadline. TODAY senior international correspondent Keir Simmons reports from London’s Heathrow Airport.
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Americans Abroad Rush To Get Home Ahead Of Coronavirus Travel Ban | TODAY


Date: October 14, 2020

45 thoughts on “Americans Abroad Rush To Get Home Ahead Of Coronavirus Travel Ban | TODAY

  1. It’s crazy how so many morons are saying not to travel during the pandemic. That’s very obvious that it’s risky but whoever is traveling paying high prices for tickets . It’s probably 9/10 important reasons .

  2. Do not allow them in. It's dangerous. They 'll infect other people in the country. They just need to stop panicking and stay where they are. Let them have the taste of their own medicine. They blocked the entry of poor and innocent Syrians fleeing war zone partially created by America, now they need to experience what it means to be a refugee.

  3. I don't feel an ounce of sorrow for people who have traveled in the last month. I personally know people who came home from Hawaii yesterday. They are younger, and complained the whole way through the airports on social media. You run the risk of getting caught up in a travel nightmare..or quarantine if you travel right now.

  4. I'm sorry but these have to be the most selfish people ever. We've known about a fast spreading virus for MONTHS now. This isn't the time for vacationing you self centered idiots.

  5. What about green card holders? My husband was in India visiting his parents when this all happened. His flight is next week god willing but I am not sure if he should wait that long due to how fast the decline

  6. everyone knows trump said americans can come back anytime but will be quarantined. OH SURPRISE!!! A TRAVEL BAN WITH A PANDEMIC SPREADING!!!! FAKE NEWS!!

  7. All of these Millennials travelling abroad have cell phones that they look at constantly. All of them shocked to learn of the virus and the impending travel ban. NONE of them were aware what has been happening for the last two months? They couldn't see this coming? Now they'll bring the virus home to their families, friends, coworkers and fellow citizens. Hope the selfies at the Eiffel Tower were worth making the country sick.

  8. So these are the dumbfks that decided to travel even though they knew about covid19 because it was cheap. Fk them. Shoot them, set them on fire. Whatever.

  9. Well if they ban anyone from coming into the country that would work, but people who travel out of the country knowing there is a pandemic virus might should have thought about it before they left? The virus closed down china in Jan. Seven weeks ago we had the first corona case in the US and we are just now starting to get test after multiple deaths ? And did the ban really do anything ? The Virus only spread after the people in China left and came home.

  10. Zero sympathy for you a-holes. Always need to show off with your fancy Euro vacations that you cannot really afford. Now you are suffering, and it's all your fault. No one else's.

  11. These people are the same idiots who couldn’t pass up a deal on flights now bringing back to virus to there parents. Don’t allow them to come back

  12. Oh NOW there’re nervous? Why didn’t you think about it before? For once I agree with trump, if you have symptoms don’t let them on the planes

  13. Testing is important; however, effectively enforcing mandatory quarantine is more important to contain the Coronavirus. That’s how Taiwan contains the virus so well. CBC is filming Taiwanese health official’s daily news update on Coronavirus because Canada wants to learn from Taiwan on effectively control and contain the virus. Up to now, Taiwan only has 59 confirmed cases even though they have far more traffic between mainland China than any other country in the world.

  14. LMFAO "Hey, let's issue a travel ban so that our people panic and fly back home and spread the Corona Virus even faster." ~ Mr. Drumpf

  15. Trump (during non corona): travel ban!

    Trump (during corona): Travel Ban!
    Liberals: ….ok

  16. They should put all this people in quarantine as soon as they land otherwise you will face a huge outburst. Some of them may already be infected and have no symptoms. This has already happened here in Europe and you can all see the results.

  17. There are two things I know to be infinite, the universe & human stupidity…..I'm not so sure about the first- Albert Einstein

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