America's Moment Of Truth


Hillary Clinton embraces George Soros’ vision of an open border world

Fact check: Yes, Hillary Clinton wants open borders

Potentially a million Muslim migrants in one Clinton term

German police union chief: “Migrants laugh at our justice system”.

German mayor begs for help to tackle “explosive refugee crime wave”

Migrant criminals causing chaos in German prisons

Migrant rape fears across Europe. Women told not to go out at night alone

99% of migrants in Germany have no job

Most of the Paris attackers got into Europe using migrant routes

Denmark: Muslims stage organised attack against teenagers for being American

Migrants raped woman in wheelchair. Swedes have had enough.

We Want The Truth: My video from December 2015 explaining why Donald Trump is popular

The Invasion Of Europe: Importing rape and jihad

Europe’s Betrayal Of Women

Hillary Clinton’s largest donors

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Date: September 3, 2019

24 thoughts on “America's Moment Of Truth

  1. Trump is as decent as any on the planet…so lets all stop slinging dark snides….as for politics goes…he is there with Washington and Reagan…if you understand the big picture

  2. Watching this now, in 2019, Trump is in power and he's STILL being hounded by the shitty globalists in the Democrats party and the media. The UK's BREXIT is in jeopardy and there's huge discontent in many European Countries….

  3. I remember when I used to subscribe to Condell. I used to pretend he wasn't a bigot and a fascist. I agreed with him about Islam and still understand the dangers.
    But becoming the evil that he wishes is not being British. Being British is fighting against the fascism he peddles

  4. THIS. Wow. If more Americans watched this, I think they’d see past their trump derangement syndrome. Once I learned, I knew I could never go back. I’ve always said this…you can hate or love trump, but he’s forced us to pay attention whether or not you want to see the truth. I’m so thankful he won but I’m frankly very worried about 2020. Thank you for speaking out. Western civilization needs to stick together

  5. This is 3 years old almost and it's so spot-on. That black guy on CNN called Trump's win a whitelash. It's like this guy is a psychic. That's exactly what they did and still trying to demonize the Trump voters. I'm an American and I value your opinion. If is wasn't for you Brits and other European immigrants. America wouldn't be what it is today the best country on Earth by far. Anyone who doesn't live here wouldn't think that by listening to the mainstream media.

  6. Christ Pat. This is just plain embarassing. And no, this isn't hindsight talking on my part. :Phrases like 'he has a genuine passion and belief in what he's advocating' – beggar belief to come from your lips.

    Yes – there is sometimes reason to 'let all the poison' leech out – as Claudius would have it. But there was a machiavelian mind behind THAT strategy. In Trump we have a narcisistic cretin. To imagine for one second he's playing 3 dimensional chess is to declare yourself pathologically credulous. You couldn't have misread this any worse than if you'd stood ten feet infront of the Boxing Day Tsunami and stated it was going to miss you.

    You continue to say much that I agree with – but this one will haunt you for perpetuity. Nothing was so broken that it required the last two years.

  7. Oh Pat, your input shall never be seen as an intrusion but rather as much-welcomed and respected insight surely for consideration. Thank you for being a voice of reason in a world with so little of it. Salute to you sir.

  8. I didn't vote for Trump in that election because I still had the wool over my eyes, but I'm certainly going to vote for him in 2020. I was told to get woke, but I woke up instead. Thanks in no small part to beacons of truth and reason such as yourself

  9. Yep, Chump means what he says. “Mexico are gonna pay for the wall, 100%” “Mexico are gonna pay for the wall, 100%” “Mexico are gonna pay for the wall, 100%” yeah right. What’s happening now? Nearly a million people without pay because of the ego of the Chump buffoon shutting down government because he can’t get his way. Hold me up!

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