Amnesia and the Perils of Letting Someone Else Make Your Sequel #amnesia #frictional


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Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a horror classic made by Frictional Games that kicked off the horror revival of the 2010s. It also helped start the youtube trend of overreacting to gameplay with your webcam in the corner of the screen for millions and millions of views. It’s a shame that while well meaning, The Chinese Room’s Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs sullied the burgeoning franchise’s name and turned a popular horror adventure game into a walking sim that was hardly something that could be considered mildly spooky (the purple prose certainly did not help things there)

Thankfully, Amnesia isn’t gone for good as Amnesia: Rebirth is coming out hopefully this year as planned. While we’re waiting, let’s talk about the perils of letting someone else make your sequel.

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As promised, I saved you a google search and found these compilations of the best Amnesia custom stories.


Date: July 18, 2020

46 thoughts on “Amnesia and the Perils of Letting Someone Else Make Your Sequel #amnesia #frictional

  1. Was this game really so awful that there was nothing positive to say about it? I mean yeah, it’s murky and buggy, the texures were below average, but how about even mentioning, say, the soundtrack, which is one of my personal favourites in gaming? Or the actual story itself, which trust me was actually less obtusely written than a good deal of the late 19th century literature it took inspiration from, but despite its overly flowery prose had some very interesting things to say. Not perfect, (good god the pig metaphors) but interesting and worth examining or at least even mentioning. I see so few people trying to say even one good thing about this game as if they had some personal vendetta against it and how it slandered their beloved Amnesia. I remember the hype, I remember fawning over the concept art and teaser trailers and building my expectations as high as everyone else, why was I the only one who somehow wasn’t disappointed?

  2. Machine for Pigs is the only first person game where I fell asleep while actively playing it. Zero tension. Granted I was a bit tired but horror games are supposed to scare you awake. I ended up just watching 2/3 of the game on YT to save time. If that happened in today I'd have refunded the game in a heartbeat because a no-commentary let's play has the same value as a play-through.

  3. I think that E-Mail thing happened to me. I tried searching for the person, and found no results. I found it suspicious, so I just ignored the person.

  4. i love fnaf for the story and hidden secrets more then a horror game it was the pioneer of that amazing story puzzle genre followed by games like undertale and doki doki games that made you hunt to put together the real story and made you really think again not really horror games but ones with dark themes
    fnaf about the story of a serial chuild killer running a corrupt entertainment company
    doki doki about characters becoming aware when put in a game they were never ment for with 4th walk breaking themes
    undertale about how horrifying and evil classic rpg games and there mecanics would be if the characters were real living things again with 4th walk breaking themes asking why the player thinks what they do is ok or why they even do it

  5. It isn't too far fetched to say in 1899 they were very eloquent in their writing. Even an author from the 1940s said in his youth, that language was closer to Shakespeare. Compare how we spoke in 1920 to 2020. The contrast is so stark, that it leaves the latest generation looking like drooling buffoons in comparison. Point being, generations down from the 1800s are now vastly stupider. Remember old stories of our great grandparents who were able to literally build their own house and farmland by themselves? Can anyone here do that? I sure as shit can't, and neither can my dad, nor his!

  6. I got the Machine For Pigs for free a few years ago when it was also paired with the original for free for a few days on steam. Still haven't installed it yet. I continue to play the original Amnesia to this day

  7. One of my favorite things about Amnesia is definitely the wealth of amazing custom stories that people have created for it. After you beat the base game, there's so many stories you can discover and play; I highly recommend Amadeus, The Great Work, Simulacrum, Key to Freedom, and Illusions of the Dead, among others.

  8. You know why Dear Esther looked so good and polished? Because it was almost entirely made by a person outside Chinese Room.
    Robert Briscoe, talented 3D artist who also worked on Mirror's Edge and now is at Valve.
    Dan Pinchbeck (founder of Chinese Room) on the other hand is a typical "idea guy", and imo his ideas aren't really that great.
    I played his mods back then in 2008 and It wasn't something jaw dropping even then, already a cliche if you ask me.

  9. The only good thing about A Machine for Pigs is Jessica Curry's music at this point xD

    BTW, the video is good, and the critique is well done, but please please do something about the background music, it hurts the ears to have the same thing for so long x_x

  10. the dark descent is my favorite game of all time, i loved it for years and replayed it many times. though i bought a machine for pigs and played through it a little i didnt really enjoy it, it wasnt scary but the story was cool. im so glad to see creators still talk about this game and hopefully rebirth will be great. loved this video keep it up bro

  11. Why are you using the words like "objective" in your *opinions*?
    I saw a guy play it and it wasn't exactly A:TDD, but it wasn't unfaithful at all.

    Your criticisms are bitchy and sometimes even weak. The good qualities the "sequel" does have aren't recognized, and it seems you glossed over it with jaded and biased eyes.
    I wasn't aware of the Chinese rooms controversies and I thought A:AMFP was an interesting take on the Amnesia horror genre as a whole, despite being somewhat (but not completely.) "padded".

  12. I remember pre-ordering this game, waiting until midnight to play it and going in completely blind. I wasn't a mega Amnesia fan but sequels to games usually improve the core game play……….what a fucking 2 hour treat I was in for…….

  13. Honestly a machine for pigs even if it's not as good in the story department it's much less frustrating. That sanity mechanic is just so annoying and using tinderboxes is useless in many places

  14. I believe it was was Gamasutra that did a Postmortem on AMFP. The devs said they originally had an insanity system and lantern that needs to be refilled. The playtesters hated it so they removed them. I can only assume the playtesters must have been family and friends of the devs and not Amnesia fans.

  15. At least "A Machine for Pigs" isn't 7 hours of holding down the "W" key. 7 hours of nothing with the game talking at you every couple minutes. Fuck that walking simulator, whatever its name was. The greatest waste of time and fun I've ever had so far. First half of it is spent walking in a winter theme, then a transition between first and second half is you walking through a cave for like 15 minutes, and you're supposed to walk to the top of a mountain IIRC. Can't remember its name, but it was the worst gaming experience of my life.

  16. I just finally picked up Amnesia TDD during this Steam summer sale. Didn't have time to play it when it was originally released. Its on sale for $2.99CDN.

  17. I will listen to your videos, but after this entry I will not subscribe, and I will not leave comments or approval/disapproval thumbs. This is not the forum for virtue signaling.

  18. @ 15:10 I recently figured out the scanline problem when I upgraded to a new PC/GPU: it's running in like 300+ fps, you need to enable the frame limiter somewhere in options. Ahh the V-sync yeah that's what it was

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