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Spanning over a thousand years, ancient Rome was a civilization of constant evolution. This great empire flourished through innovation and incorporation of the diverse cultures they conquered, such as the adoption of Latin and gladiatorial combat. Learn about the rise and fall of this ancient civilization and how its influence still endures today.
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Ancient Rome 101 | National Geographic

National Geographic


Date: May 9, 2020

35 thoughts on “Ancient Rome 101 | National Geographic

  1. Afterwhile centuries from now:

    Smart phones paved the way to long-distance communications with inclusion of graphics and art where Steve Jobs, a great inventor in mid 2000 CE invented Iphone and became the most expensive smart phone in its generation.

  2. Byzantine–Sassanid War of 602–628 was taken place between Roman emperor Heracleaus and Sassaind king Sharbharaz, was Byzantine victory over the Persian after defeating of the Byzantines by the Persians at the Battle of Antioch. You would be surprised to know that God(Allah) predicted their (Roman's) victory over Persian in a surah in the Holy Quran. That's why this surah was named after them"Surah Rome"

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