Andy Jordan: ‘I used to lie to sell on social media’ – BBC News


A former Made in Chelsea star says he used to lie on social media to sell products.

Andy Jordan promoted things like teeth whitening and protein supplements – he was even offered money to have liposuction and document it on social media.

He told Catrin Nye about his life as a social media celebrity because he’s worried about the effect it’s having on young people.

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Date: November 15, 2019

21 thoughts on “Andy Jordan: ‘I used to lie to sell on social media’ – BBC News

  1. He looks like Russell Brand!!!!!! I am glad he came clean and I am glad that others weren't buying it! Rofl.

    A lot of the people here seem to fail to comprehend that he is not being phony, doing this interview as a publicity stunt or playing the victim, surprise surprise someone can actually be remorseful after the fact for a occupational mistake they made in the past, I know it is trite to say but nobody is perfect!

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