Angelina Jolie Sued By Brad Pitt For Trying To Sell Shares Of Their Winery (Report)


Brad Pitt has reportedly filed a lawsuit against estranged wife Angelina Jolie, accusing her of an alleged attempt to cut him out of the sale of her shares in their French winery. The lawsuit was filed in Luxembourg and obtained by The Daily Mail, and according to the outlet, the document claims that Jolie is trying to sell her 50-percent share in Chateau Miraval, going against Pitt’s right of first refusal.

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Angelina Jolie Sued By Brad Pitt For Attempting To Sell Her Shares Of Their Winery (Reports)



Date: September 27, 2021

31 thoughts on “Angelina Jolie Sued By Brad Pitt For Trying To Sell Shares Of Their Winery (Report)

  1. If one takes the time to research the true , underlying meaning behind the statue of liberty, one will find that the French man who built it created it after the goddess of prostitution. You won't find this easy to uncover lately. But it's the seven pointed crown that's the giveaway. And here we see a replica with MANY more points on it. Small and rather odd upon her "head", it reveals the true meaning of this questionable, dark, slithering female. I wonder how many points are on HER "crown". 🤔

    The lizards are coming out of their closets.

  2. When I heard his company name "Mondo Bongo" is breaking my heart 💔. I like them both, but why can't they just be friend like she and her others exs.

  3. Ok. I don't care what they're doing but why does Angelina need to make everything so public? It's embarrassing. They are like the biggest stars in the world, they don't need this type of attention. Or do they? 🧐

  4. Did she expect him to be miserable after their divorce? And now when he is doing better than ever, she realised what she has lost?

  5. ​ @Samantha You are correct about Brad, and I don't really care about this stuff with Jolie and him, I'm not a fan of either one, it's their personal business, but I'll write one thing to set a record straight. I read you lecture others abt gossips and lies, yet you wrote a lie yourself here. This is an absolute lie that Jennifer started a relationship with Justin when he was with another woman. Justin broke up with his girlfriend long before he got together with Jen – fact. This lie is obsessively brought up by lying haters and trolls in every Jolie-Pitt video, to somehow drag Jen into their mess & make Angelina look better. So stop because it's a lie! Jennifer is an awesome person and please, leave her out of this toxic Jolie-Pitt bs. This is Jolie-Pitt's problem, nothing to do with Jen so stop bringing her up every time in the discussion abt Jolie-Pitt. Oh, and btw, Angelina is no saint either, like you tried to portray in your every comment. Irony – you accuse others of being obsessed with Pitt, etc, while you appear obsessed with Jolie, the same way.

    Granted, you need two to tango, to break up any marriage, Brad is a cheater – I agree with this, but Angelina is not without fault, enough of this hypocrisy! When a woman gets involved with a married man, she must take responsibility too. There are millions of free men out there, why go after the married one? Even looking in the context of Jolie's family history, it's disgusting that she got together with Pitt before his divorce, period. Even if there was no physical cheating then, almost all solid sources agree, there def was emotional cheating, meaning flirting at least. And that is getting involved with a married man, and she did it on Mr and Mrs Smith's set – that is a fact. So Brad is guilty here, but so is Angelina. It doesn't work that way, that only one party is guilty when the affair happens. Also, your hypocrisy is showing. You yourself accuse other women of breaking other relationships – like you tried to do with Jen, even if this is a lie – so you have no problem of accusing other women in these situations, but suddenly, with Jolie, she is a saint and never did anything wrong? lol Nah. Jennifer was the one wronged, she moved on, has an awesome life and she was never involved with a married man or not-free man, so leave her out of this! The pathetic ones here are Jolie and Pitt – karma for both of them. This is their personal lives, their business, nobody else's.

  6. angelina is just bitter and evil..whats wrong with you woman..let it go is short get a f…ing like girl

  7. Why would she wants to still be connected to him since clearly they don’t get along? Either buy her out or let her sell.

  8. he is still the father of her childs..for better or worse…Ben afleck and Jennifer garner manage to overcome their split better ..

  9. Outside of his children, I bet he's kicking his own ass for ever looking her way. She's hell bent on making him miserable at every turn and ruining him completely. If she wants to move on, she has a funny way of showing it, she hasn't met a microphone or Journalist she hasn't liked. She was crazy when he met her and today she's crazier. I bet next time he'll think with the head on his shoulders opposed to the head in his pants!

  10. Angelina is obviously still in love with Brad or she wouldn't be behaving like a spoiled child. Brad needs to expedite getting this crazy woman out of his life.

  11. Bet neither of them saw this coming when they started to flirt on the film The Joneses.

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